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Impact of adopting information system management in Lagos state local governments - Dissertation Example

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The paper discusses the depth and breadth of the proposed Information System Management that will be implemented in Ifako Ijaiye as a representative local government unit in Lagos State. It has several different components and each component has their own unique impact to the different sectors of the organization where it will be rolled out…
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Impact of adopting information system management in Lagos state local governments
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Extract of sample "Impact of adopting information system management in Lagos state local governments"

Download file to see previous pages DECLARATION I hereby certify that this dissertation constitutes my own product, that where the language of others is set forth, quotation marks so indicate, and that appropriate credit is given where I have used the language, ideas, expressions, or writings of another. I declare that the dissertation describes original work that has not previously been presented for the award of any other degree of any institution. Signed, Charles Adeshina “This dissertation contains material that is confidential and/or commercially sensitive. It is included here on the understanding that this will not be revealed to any person not involved in the assessment process.” ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I wish to thank the employees of the local government of Ifako Ijaiye for their gracious hospitality that enabled me to gain insight of their challenges both formally and informally if an information management system has been pursued. Their candid statements and disclosures made me appreciate the importance of the other factors in the success of an information management system. I also wish to acknowledge the help and assistance of Mr Dapo Okeniran, Head of the Information Office for Ifako Ijaiye local government whose valuable insights made me realize the rationale for the challenges. TABLE OF CONTENTS Page LIST OF TABLES vii Chapter 1. Introduction 1 Chapter 2. Background and review of literature 5 Chapter 3. Theory 8 3.1.1 Project Planning 10 3.1.2 System Analysis and Design 13 3.1.3 System Design and Coding 15 3.1.4 Implementation and Roll Out 15 3.1.5 Acceptance and Full Deployment 17 3.1.6 Maintenance and Operation 17 3.1.7 Benefits 18 3.1.8 Challenges 20 3.2 Other Impacts 22 3.2.1 Anticipation 22 3.2.2 Failure 22...
An information system management system shall also include the digitization of the documents generated over the years from the various local government units operations. And to be truly paperless, the ISM in fact includes an email system that would enable the various departments of the local government units to communicate with each other. The three systems is a start that will make the operation of the local government of Ifako Ijaiye truly paperless. Further along, to provide Ifako Ijaye with a good decision support system an Enterprise Resource Management system with a financial system module capable of handling government accounting can also be installed and used to manage its finances for a more transparent operation. The impact to the organization comes in several different ways as well. The psychological impact; pertains to the effects on the confidence, motivation and the dynamics or the relationship of each personnel in the organization with each other. Efficiency impact the process flow itself and the performance of the organization including its service level. Cost impacts the operating expenses related in the mainte-nance of the Information System Management. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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