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Experience in a Group Project - Essay Example

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This paper is the reflection essay upon the experience of a group project that was given as a task by the university. In this project, the author together with team mates was supposed to find a company which had problems. The one that was found is college called Newman College that owned a church…
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Experience in a Group Project
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Download file to see previous pages The Cardinal Newman College owns St Augustine Centre that is essentially is a leisure centre. Located in the heart of Avenham, the St Augustine Center has a lot of facilities to provide the community with that include but are not limited to sports, library and recreation. Newman College is one of the best colleges in the area and is for students aged between 16 and 18 years. St. Augustine’s Regeneration Trust (START) was the original owner of this building. The centre opened in 2005 with the aid of Diocese that loaned £500,000 to START along with forwarding a Letter of Comfort to the bank worth 1.1 million. Unfortunately, money was used wrongly and the loan had to be raised to £700,000. After some years, Diocesan Trustees resolved to give this building in the control of Cardinal Newman College and proposed that the local community secured the facilities. The Diocesan loan has been returned. Our goal was to enhance the use of this center by the local community. For that, we had to generate awareness among the community, increase center and gym memberships among the local community, improve the quality of fitness programs, and develop retention methods.
In order to accomplish the task, five students were assigned to our group, me included. For the rest of the paper, I shall refer to them as A (me), B, C, D, and E. After our group had formed, the first challenge that we had to face was the selection of company with a problem that fell in the scope of our domain and was also worth spending the time finding solution for. Different members came up with different proposals, but either the problem was too aggravated to be solved in the time we had or else, the company was not willing to let us intrude into their business. After much search and days of uninterrupted struggle, we were able to find Newman College with the problem of church utility. Soon after we had found it, we conducted a thorough literature review of the college to see the origin of the problem, what events had happened since its formation till now, and the challenges that the college administration was facing with respect to the church. We approached the college administration for this, introduced ourselves and proposed to find a solution for their problem. They happily agreed to provide all assistance that we might need in our way of finding the solution for this long cultivated problem. The five of us took care of the different areas. I was chosen as the leader, so my task was to administer the project, enhance the coordination and cooperation among team members, keep the project on the track, and keep track of time and cost because we had time and cost constraints and could not spend beyond the amount specified by our college. I would provide all team members with the required equipment and facilities and would ensure their maximum utility. B took the charge of generating awareness. C was responsible to improve the center and gym memberships. D was to devise and improve the quality of fitness programs and E was supposed to develop the retention methods. Marketing, finances and human resources happen to be the key elements for success in any project, so our first meeting with Cardinal Newman was about these elements. From our side, B met with Katie O’Reilly, the Director of Corporate Resources. This meeting was very useful and generated important information for us regarding the project. After the first meeting, B was assigned the task of conducting all correspondence and meetings with Katie. The meetings were not scheduled strictly. They were irregular in general but were conducted quite often. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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