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Analyzing Jobs at Custom Carpet Cleaning - Essay Example

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The key requisites that must be covered in the analysis of Job are Tasks, Duties, Tools and techniques applied at the job and the skills and knowledge required for the job. …
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Analyzing Jobs at Custom Carpet Cleaning
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Download file to see previous pages The four aspects that the Job analysis should cover are: a) what job the employee does. b) The process followed by the employee to accomplish the task. c) The area of operation handled by the employee. d) The qualification of the employee, which involves the skills, knowledge and abilities requisite (Franklin, p.2).
In the case given the approach applied by Bob to conduct a Job analysis is very pragmatic yet not very complete. Bob has decided to conduct a survey in all the outlets of the Custom Carpet Cleaning to get clarity regarding the jobs carried out by all the outlets. Bob is conducting this survey to understand the reason behind the discrepancies in the salary structure amongst the different outlets of the company. The company has two kind of services one specifically for the residential clients and the other specifically for industrial clients. The survey conducted by Bob will have one respondent from each outlet. This will help Bob to understand the variation in the tasks carried out in different outlets. This survey will give Bob a schematic overview regarding the difference in the operations carried out by the various outlets. Bob will understand the difference in the approach, skills and responsibility of all the employees posted for the same post but at different outlets. The posts available at various outlets require employees with different set of skills and approach. The machinery used and the methodology applied by the employees to complete their task also depends on the kind of job assigned to them. A job analysis will let Bob segregate the jobs which though have similar designation yet vary in the terms of the responsibility carried out by the employees. Bob will be able to sketch out the different job descriptions depending on the specific requirements. He will be able to allocate the salary structure depending on the job description and skills required. However the method applied by Bob is not complete as he will be surveying only one employee from each outlet. Within the same outlet the approach and the responsibilities may differ and Bob should consider surveying a larger sample from each outlet. 2. What can be done to improve this job analysis process? Ans 2. The method applied by Bob to conduct the job analysis can be improved by increasing the number of respondents surveyed by Bob. Bob must first utilize the online research done by him and divide the various jobs carried out by the employees. From each outlet at least 10% of the employees should be selected as respondents for the purpose of the survey. Bob should also select the employees who are being given more than the usual salary slab. The employees who are being given less than usual pay should also be included in the survey. To make the survey more accurate the supervisors should also be handed out a questionnaire. The questionnaire given to all the supervisors should have questions regarding the various job profiles in their respective branches. The supervisors should be asked to fill information regarding the various job profiles in their outlet along with the skills and knowledge required for each profile. The questionnaire formulated for the supervisors should also have questions regarding the various techniques applied in the various job profiles. By including more employees and supervisors in the survey Bob will be able to get a more accurate picture regarding the different job profiles present in different outlets. Since the purpose of Bob’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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