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Carpet Recovery Recycling-Six Sigma Methodolgy - Essay Example

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Six Sigma is the practical application of a theoretical statistical measurement that equates to 3.4 defects per million opportunities -a position of practically zero defects for any process or service. Its attainment is one of the highest measures of quality and is based on the…
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Carpet Recovery Recycling-Six Sigma Methodolgy
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Extract of sample "Carpet Recovery Recycling-Six Sigma Methodolgy"

Download file to see previous pages and more recently attentions have shifted to service environments. 31
Six Sigma is not just another management catch phrase. Rather, it is a highly disciplined process that helps a business develop and deliver near perfect products and services. By accurately measuring the number of defects in a process, you can systematically eliminate them. Achieving Six Sigma indicates you have less than four defects per million transactions. Needless to say how important it is. Just imagine at three sigma you have at least 54,000 defective drug prescriptions a year, more than 40,500 newborn babies accidentally dropped in the hospital each year and unsafe drinking water almost two hours each month. Comparing with above mentioned at Six Sigma quality level we would get only one wrong drug prescription, in 25 years, three newborn babies dropped in 100 years and unsafe drinking water only one second every 16 years 31
Six Sigma goes beyond small point improvements in product quality to the very fabric of the organization as a whole. It is a process for both improving performance and ensuring consistency in the delivery of a product or service. Most importantly, Six Sigma focuses on the customer. It continuously and rigorously measures those elements the customer identifies as "critical-to-quality." In other words, importance of Six Sigma is in its ability to transform abstract business scenarios into tangible and fact based situations thus minimizing guessing in solving business issues. 32
Bob Galvin former CEO of Motorola stated that the lack of initial investment in the non manufacturing areas of the business over four years was a blunder that cost the business over 5 million dollars (Basu & Write, 2003, p43). However, organisations have implemented six sigma initiatives in transactional frameworks with success- testimonial for six sigma triumphs in services range from American Express and PriceWaterHouseCoopers to local NHS ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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