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The of Timbuk2: Rugged and Stylish Concept - Case Study Example

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The paper describes the origin and business concepts of Timbuc2. In 1986 Kevin Bacon stared as Jack Casey, in the movie, “Quicksilver”. Jack had dropped out of the corporate world and became a bike messenger. They used “messenger bags”, usually constructed of durable canvas and rugged waterproof construction…
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The Case of Timbuk2: Rugged and Stylish Concept
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Extract of sample "The of Timbuk2: Rugged and Stylish Concept"

Download file to see previous pages The general appeal of the messenger bag stems from its working-class heritage, its carry-all utility, and its rugged, waterproof construction–plus its affiliation with the urban bicycle messenger subculture. In 1989 a San Francisco messenger founded Timbuc2 with nothing more than an old sewing machine and some creative ideas. His plan was to compete with the lucrative “day pack” market using a messenger bag that combined well tested durability and urban appeal. By 1994, Timbuc2 had established a well-defined market niche that combined San Francisco appeal and a custom-made, internet-based “Build Your Own Bag” product. Timbuk2s concept is rugged and stylish. The timbuk2 website describes Rob’s goal, “to make a messenger bag rugged enough for real bicycle messengers, yet stylish enough to appeal to a broader market of young, hip urbanites as an alternative to the traditional two-strap daypack. Our catchy name, three-panel design, distinctive ‘swirl’ logo, and the fact that we’re ‘Made in San Francisco’ added to our cachet.” I believe that Timbuk2 got their “foot in the door” with the messenger bag and captured an exploding market trend. San Francisco being the birthplace of the messenger trend and supposedly the most hardcore riding environment gives the company credibility and edge. In my opinion, the key competitive dimensions driving sales for the messenger bags are quality, delivery speed, ability to cope with changes in demand, flexibility and new product introduction speed. The Quality Guarantee Timbuk2 offers is extremely generous and screams confidence. The company encourages customers that these bags “wear like hell”. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(The Case of Timbuk2: Rugged and Stylish Concept Study - 1)
The Case of Timbuk2: Rugged and Stylish Concept Study - 1.
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