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Personal ethics - Essay Example

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Ethics is considered to be a set of standard rules that must be followed appropriately (Yahoo! Education Dictionary, 2009). In my personal opinion, ethics is the exercise of having the right behavior and doing the right thing at the proper time and the proper place. …
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Personal ethics
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Download file to see previous pages Ethics is considered to be a set of standard rules that must be followed appropriately (Yahoo! Education Dictionary, 2009). In my personal opinion, ethics is the exercise of having the right behavior and doing the right thing at the proper time and the proper place. I regard ethics as the right behavior or attitude which must be displayed appropriately at the right time and right place because certain situations calls for various correct responses from the individuals concerned. Since it is important that everybody must known the set of standard rules which are required at any given setting; and should be able to adhere with said rules in order to establish better understanding and communication with people from a personal or professional level.Leadership entails many salient characteristics that a certain person must possess; being a good leader calls for having the ability to do what one sets out to do, together with the spirit to carry on until the planned task is accomplished (Gutierrez et al, 2004). I regard this as the best meaning of leadership because a leader must be able to produce expected results by having the cooperation and loyalty of his or her followers. In gaining the cooperation and loyalty of others, the good and wise leader must possess the skill to direct and control the efforts of his or her followers. This will lead the entire team to move in one direction that will make collation of all necessary skills to produce positive outcomes. 3. Service Service pertains to being employed and having a certain load of duties or responsibilities to carry out daily with a particular company or organization (Yahoo! education Dictionary, 2009). This is the most suitable meaning of service to me, because generally speaking providing service means being employed or having been hired by a particular corporation or government entity. Hence, being employed involves the provision of service or work which is necessary for both the employee and employer to survive financially. Service contributes mainly to the income of the organization and the salary of the worker or employee. 4. Character The ideal definition of character in my opinion is the unique personal traits of a certain individual, which separates him or her from others. The characteristics of people vary because each and everyone have acquired different principles during their formative years. Environmental factors like school, friends and home affect the character or personality of people. Personality clashes often happen in any setting (like the office or workplace) due to character differences and various perceptions that people have. Pressing Ethical Issues Two of the most critical issues that majority of business organizations including their respective leaders face at present are whistle blowing and employee rights and duties. These two organizational concerns are often times met with skepticism and apprehension by top management and company personnel because they involve values that people adhere to; including the extent and limitations of company rules and regulations. Whistle Blowing Whistle blowing is the disclosure or revelation of any misconduct or law violations that usually occur within a given entity, private or government (Nadarejan, 2010). Whistle blowing in relation to the practice of democracy carries with it two vital features, which are: 1) the exposure of any legal wrong doings and misconducts; 2) necessitates “accountability of public bodies and private entities” (Nadarejan, 2010). It is important to understand that the general public needs to know if a breach of law or ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "Personal ethics" is quite popular among the tasks in high school. Still, this example opens a new perspective of seeing the issue. I’ll use the style for my own essay.


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