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This paper highlights the origination of ethical standards. Basically, ethics are accepted codes of conduct within an organization, industry or profession. It argues that ethics in an organization are basically determined by the leaders in the respective organization. …
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Ethical Leadership
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Download file to see previous pages The intention of this study is leadership as considered a core aspect in the functioning and success of n organization. Basically, ethics assists an organization in fostering good relations with the public and maintaining sales and good returns. Furthermore, ethics ensures that an organization operates according to the expectations of the public and maintains quality productions. In the past, organizations were basically faced with management problems due to the theoretical belief on the practice. However, due to the rising concern over leadership and its effectiveness, need for ethics arose. This led to the need for regulations of employees’ behaviors and decision within an organization. Level of competition has also increased and this led to emergence of unethical practices. This is because organizations were working towards gaining of competitive advantage unfairly. Intense competition in the market also led to emergence of technology in operation. This required organizations to effectively evaluate their operation system and transform it to suit changes in operation so as to avoid losses and increase their market share and level of income in the long-run. However, ethical leadership is traced way back from Plato. This is because ethics emphasize on reputation and Plato was so much concerned with reputation. Furthermore, Chester Bernard traces the source of ethics to executive. This is because he spoke of executive responsibility which conforms code of morals. They are presently k ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...Ethical Leadership Introduction There are several pros and cons associated with notion of ethical leadership. All the human beings are at a moral obligation to follow certain principles and values (Anon., 2013). Ethical leadership helps in establishing specific rules in an organization that helps people to evaluate their behavior which is considered to be a major advantage for the organization. However ethical leadership does not always clarify that how the duties should be ranked, which may give rise to insoluble dilemma (Dontigney, 2013). Ethical...
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