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Applying Ethical Leadership Principles - Assignment Example

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The main objective of this assignment is to explore the aspects of using ethical leadership for creating a positive impact on the organization. The writer will critically discuss the implications of management strategies employed in correspondence to ethical leadership…
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Applying Ethical Leadership Principles
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Extract of sample "Applying Ethical Leadership Principles"

Download file to see previous pages It is invariably true that every leader wants to be efficient and effective and create a positive impact on their organizations. In this essay, we will discuss the implications of ethical leadership and what strategies I will employ as an ethical leader myself.
My strategy will be to find a balance between task and people. I will focus my energies towards addressing concerns by, first, accurately identifying and analyzing problems and then resolving them in a timely and impactful way. I believe as an ethical leader I must also be an effective communicator and keep all stakeholders informed at all times. I must be sensitive to other peoples’ needs and communicate in a way that will demonstrate empathy appropriately.
‘Walking-the-talk’ is another approach that I will employ to establish myself as an ethical leader. I will need to establish credibility, consistency, and competence through my behavior and be a trusted advisor to my colleagues and stakeholders. I must practice self-confidence and self-reliance to be able to foster an environment of self-respect and self-worth. This can be done by taking an interest, expressing sincere concern when necessary and remaining engaged with my co-workers and clients at all times to ensure their growth and welfare.
I believe that as an ethical leader I must develop a keen analytical understanding of the key strengths and areas of improvement for my own performance and that of others in my organization. Being able to recognize and appreciate the strengths and contributions of others will help in delegating the right responsibilities and duties to the right people. Along with this recognizing the weaknesses of the organization will help me invest time and resources in building capabilities that will strengthen the organization.
Being open to feedback and inviting ideas from colleagues, stakeholders, and organizational leaders is another strategy that will help an ethical leader achieve the organizational goals and help frame developmental policies. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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