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The articles by Livers and Culver, Glen, and Morison, et al - Essay Example

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In the world today it is important to maintain a leadership perspective so that the businesses can thrive and do not have to face any problem. The diversity that has been created in the world serves the purpose of different views on leadership. It is this diversity which has created several thoughts regarding the leadership of certain individuals…
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The articles by Livers and Culver, Glen, and Morison, et al
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Extract of sample "The articles by Livers and Culver, Glen, and Morison, et al"

Download file to see previous pages In my view Livers and Cavers in their article have provided a way through which blacks can be lead differently from how they are being treated in the corporate sector these days. The problems faced by the black population have been increasing because of their cultural ethnicity. The problems that the blacks are facing in the workplace become an issue and these blacks have to suffer from the problem of ‘miasma’ as laid down by Cavers. Miasma is a problem suffered by the blacks and this can lead to discouragement of these workers. The ideas given by Livers and Cavers can be implemented in a daily life setting so that the morale of the employees can be boosted. Self development is a solution for black employees which can be targeted in a workplace. This self development would help them to know about themselves and get used to the environment that they face in all kinds of settings. In a practical environment it is important that a person who has knowledge about miasma is made the leader so that the morale and performance of the black employees can be enhanced.
Secondly Glen in his article provides a brief overview about technology and geeks. He gives an insight as to how these geeks can be helpful in a working environment. Geeks have become a source of knowledge for the corporate sector and they have to be used in the right manner. Leadership qualities are acquired and they should be used in the right manner so that the performance of the employees can be enhanced. In a practical setting it is important that the leaders know how to take advantage of technology and geeks. It is important that the leaders who are hired for this purpose should look after geeks but these leaders should ensure that they do not discriminate between workers. It is important that the leaders know how to handle these geeks properly so that they can benefit the workplace. Leadership skills to sort out geeks and technology are possible in the environment today. Moreover one can ensure that the leader knows how to use geeks and technology so that the productivity and creativity of the workplace is increased. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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