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When an organization becomes successful, the leaders behind it become a celebrity too. They are known for their leadership style and are also popular with their ideas. However, it is not enough to possess all these qualities if followers have difficulties in understanding communication of leaders. …
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Leadership and Communication
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submitted) Leadership and Communication When an organization becomes successful, the leadersbehind it become a celebrity too. They are known for their leadership style and are also popular with their ideas. However, it is not enough to possess all these qualities if followers have difficulties in understanding communication of leaders. For leaders to effectively communicate their ideas, they should consider the generation they are in. Some people believe that the way leaders communicate depends on their generation or age. This belief gets my approval for one reason. Most leaders of today communicate with their employees the way this generation communicates to each other. This is reflected in every organization allowing subordinates to express their ideas whether it is acceptable or not. On the other hand, traditional leaders communicate with their subordinates maintaining the “I am in charge” status. As a result, openness is not acceptable. Employees who are vocal with their ideas are considered not respectful of the leader. Leaders should be flexible with any generation they lead so that they will fit with the requirement of the changes. Leadership and communication in my generation is characterized by giving too much respect and obedience to leaders to the expense of sacrificing personal time. As a result, long hours of works are given without compensation. For instance, even if the required number of hours in a day for an employee is eight, employees can stay in the office beyond the time if ask by the leader to finish or rush work. This is so because leaders have the thinking that you have to “pay your dues” to the company giving extra hours. Leadership does not consider balancing work and life which is evident in not giving vacation to employees who had work hard for the previous years. Leadership style is serving more the company and the leaders. Technology plays a role in how the leaders communicate to their subordinates. With the advancement of generation today, leaders are observed to employ their laptop and mobile to communicate to their subordinates and colleagues. Leaders find it convenient to use the technology as it makes communication easier and faster. This is also reflected in leaders who are out of the country who needs to communicate with their employees using emails, fax machines, and the like to give directives or forward important documents to them. With this, basic communication skill is a must for leaders in whatever generation they are in. However, it is important to understand the background, the mind, and the thinking process of the audience (Bass & Bass, p. 130) which is the essence of communication. Part 2: A reflection on how I utilized steps in writing process The writing process was implemented starting with my planning list. However, before I listed some possible answers, I read the questions several times to get what it really tried to ask. Then, I tried to plan the possible answers. I came up with several phrases that have something to do with leadership, communication and its connection to generation and listed them. The first question included list of differences of leadership in the past and today’s generation. The second involved description of my generation and the third embraced technology that is observed to be what is “in” today that may help in communication. This is followed by grouping the ideas together so that I would not be mixed up with the data. Details are then added to every answer I gave. Some with examples but some are limited to explanations alone. After answering the question, I started writing the introduction based on the body or the answers of the questions. However, some writers do the opposite, that is to write the introduction first and then the other parts of the topic. I am more comfortable writing the introduction last. The last thing I did was to read the whole composition to see if it makes sense. There are sentences that were revised as a result of grammar. There were also sentences that were shuffled because of incoherence to the preceding sentence. The answer in one question was totally revised as it has little significance to the question. The wrap up is done by second reading as a finality. Work Cited Bass, B., & Bass, R., The Bass handbook of leadership: Theory, research, and managerial application. Business and economics. Print. Viewed April 16, 2011. Read More
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