Principles and Practices of Effective Leadership Critical Thinking Mod 3 : Leadership and Communication - Essay Example

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Leadership and communication Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Leadership and communication Strong leadership qualities and management skills are central to the success of any organization. Escobedo, Jett and Lao (2012), attribute perfect communication skills as indispensable characters for every successful leader…
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Principles and Practices of Effective Leadership Critical Thinking Mod 3 : Leadership and Communication
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Download file to see previous pages Successful leaders and managers apply the two-way model of communication. The model involves communication of ideas from the sender to the receiver and back. It offers the best way to communicate the feedback to the sender of the message to the conveyor. It allows leaders and managers to integrate diverse views and perceptions of management team members in the management process. Leaders with exceptional communication skills display different personalities that help enhance their abilities to undertake coordination roles. They adopt a friendly approach when communicating with employees and other management team members. Leaders with good communication skills show concern for diversity that emanates from the difference in views of employees and other team members. They are tolerant to different people and can communicate with every member of the management team. They are personable to other members of the management team while communicating. Leaders with good communication skills have conflict management traits, as well. Leaders who are good communicators are honest. They keep to what they say and fulfill promises to the management team. They appreciate transparency in their communication and forthrightly accomplish goals. According to Dominic and David (2007), leaders with good communication skills also show enthusiasm and expression of appreciation of the contribution of other members in the communication channel. They are inspirational and a source of motivation to the team members and can discuss all challenges facing the team with the members. Communication weaknesses are among the most costly traits to every manager with a vision to guarantee successful leadership. Ignoring the proposals of the audience during communication is one of the weaknesses that managers can display. Communication should aim at solving the concerns of the audience and failure to listen to the audience becomes one of the greatest communication weaknesses of managers. Failure to consider the concerns of the team members may also be a weakness in communication among managers. Managers may show weakness when they use colloquial expressions while communicating. The key role of communication is to pass a desired message to the audience and clarity is core to full expression of thoughts (Clampitt, 2010). The use of a language that the audience does not understand compromises communication for managers. It is important analyze the audience to which the managers communicate. An analysis of the audience helps the manager to discover the needs of the audience. Failure to analyze and understand the audience, therefore, makes a great weakness for the managers. The effect of emotional intelligence on leadership and communication is invaluable (Tang, Yin & Nelson, 2010). Emotional intelligence as the bravery to control, perceive and launch a detailed evaluation of an individual’s emotions is referred to as emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is among the traits that solely contribute to success of leaders and managers. It plays an immeasurable role in enhancing good communication skills in leaders and managers. According to Polychroniou (2009), emotional intelligence creates self-competence skills for leaders and managers including good communication traits. Self-awareness is one of the essential traits that leaders and managers gain from nurturing emotional intelligence. This creates self-management traits in the leaders and boosts their ability to manage a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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