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Past Present and Future of the Organization Theory and Public Administration - Term Paper Example

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The current paper "Past Present and Future of the Organization Theory and Public Administration" examines the fact that Scholars around the globe have been in the forefront in developing theoretical frameworks to explain and forecast the future trends of organizations; public as well as the private…
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Past Present and Future of the Organization Theory and Public Administration
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Download file to see previous pages Organizational theories have been evolving over time and in this paper, we analyze specific theories that have been instrumental in describing organization management with attention to managers, employees, and people internally as well as outside the organization.
Among other concerns that are notable in the Marxist organizational theorem are autonomy and freedom, hierarchy, power, authority, dominance, contradictions and crisis, revolution, equality, and inequality as well as change. The Marxists theories are hence direct concerns to the role of organizations towards the general welfare of the society pertaining to governance, individual development as well as social change. According to Karl Max, organizations are constantly changing due to constant tensions as well as changes due to development, and when there is resistance to organizational changes, the qualitative changes result to social economic changes as well as systems of governance. This, therefore, implies that the society is equally in constant changes in the organization as well as administration as affected by economic and revolutions socially. Social organizational changes promote retention of the good past elements while the bad ones are lost. Moreover, new elements are created through the adoption of the change in the society though they equally develop own contradictions. This in turn results to further changes and this presents the dialectical contradiction that describes the positives swell as the negatives of change within the society. This historical view explains that the event of complementary changes supports each other while the contradictory leads to more crises and as a result, the revolutionary changes keep on.
Capitalism, as is the focus of Karl Max illustrates that the forces of capital dictate the overall organization of a society’s economic systems as well as social systems. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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