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Approach to Leadership and Management - Essay Example

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Introduction This paper deals with a case study of two companies with different approach to organization and management. A detailed analysis is presented on the basis of various techniques related to organization and management which include the organizational design and structure, the role of teams in the success of an organization and the various strategies in which these teams can work…
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Approach to Leadership and Management
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Extract of sample "Approach to Leadership and Management"

Download file to see previous pages The issues are recognized and possible solutions with simple implementation strategies are proposed. The world today is changing every moment and the fast track progress and growth of economies has resulted in change in the priorities and objectives of each and every individual in this world. The trends is in the industry and technology are changing as well and the investors and owners in order to maximize profits and deliver better services to customers are incorporating innovative technologies in their companies and are pushing their staff to deliver their hundred percent for the collective growth and progress of the individuals. The magnitude of research and development is very large as compared to the levels in past and as a result the only those organizations are able to survive which are better suited to the current scenario and are technologically customized and up to date. Moreover since the workers and staff are the actual assets of a company, it is very much important that the companies should develop their staff and employees according to the changing scenario and make them work in a perfect working environment in which they can not only work to their fullest but can also grow. The organizations should devise strategies which can be molded according to the conditions because the economic scenario and the customer demands are varying every instant. The organizations which refuse to change themselves with the changing scenario of globalization and advancement in economy are dying out and many new companies with better strategies and structure are replacing them. In the following pages the below mentioned criteria will be established and the two companies will be analyzed on the basis of these established criteria: 1. Approach to leadership and management 2. Teams and teamworking 3. Organizational Culture 4. Organizational Design and Structure 5. PESTLE Analysis 6. Analysis based on theory x and theory y of human motivation Approach to Leadership and Management A leader is a person who guides its organization towards the established targets and goals. The job of the leader is to assume the frontline role in an organization and teach the employees and workers, through examples, the path to success. While leading an organization or a team a leader has to be very flexible and has to play various roles to train the staff and workers because they follow him. When the workers and employees need morale boasts, the leader should recognize their efforts and provide motivation to them in the form of rewards. According to Daniel Goleman (1998), all leaders have a high degree of emotional intelligence. He accepts that IQ and technical skills are important, but laid emphasis on these additional qualities. The position a CEO occupies in an organization is because of his technical and managerial skills but that does not classify him to be a good leader as well, a good leader should depict additional qualities and skills of which emotional intelligence is the most important. Emotional intelligence enables a leader to understand and perceive the demands, goals and aspirations of his staff. The leader should also develop an understanding of the personal targets of the individuals and should help them achieving them staying within the organization. This approach can ensure retention in the organizatio ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Approach to Leadership and Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words”, n.d.
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