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Culture and Gender issues in managment how cultures vary, cultural variance cultural dimensions ,implications - Essay Example


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Culture and Gender issues in managment how cultures vary, cultural variance cultural dimensions ,implications

good/evil or mixture), and lastly the value of space; defined by the authors as here, there, or far away. Likewise Adler and Gundersen sought to measure the same attributes. According to these analysts, the issue could be defined as a matter of the following competing hierarchies of human understanding/interaction: power distance (PDI), individualism vs collectivism (IDV), masculinity vs femininity (MAS), long term vs short term orientation (LTO), and indulgence vs restraint (IVR). Likewise, understanding and applying each of these approaches towards understanding and seeking to define and predict cultural variance is one of the first steps towards understanding the many processes which drive it (Adler et al 16). This short analysis will briefly seek to describe how only two of these factors have a profound effect on cultural variance as it is exhibited in our current world model. The first of which is Kluckhohn and Strodbeck’s definition of the nature of human nature. Sociologists, philosophers, theologians, and anthropologists have attempted to answer this question for time immemorial. Using different measures of analytics, these scholars can basically be divided into two groups, those that believe in an evolutionary nature of cultural and biological variance and those that believe that humans are inherently flawed as a result of some type of sin/fall that occurred which has hampered their overall ability to perform good for the sake of good. Likewise, this understanding of cultural variance

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They are designed to influence the segmented target and their effectiveness is reflected in the increased brand equity and sale of the product. In the era of globalization and increasingly changing format of societal format, contents and format of advertisements have become critical elements of market strategy.
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Cultural intelligence is described as the ability of individuals to fit in the organization (Martin, pp.7). Triandis (pp.20) indicates that individuals are of varying social class, language amongst other attributes, but the fact remains that these individuals have to coexist if the organizational goals and objectives have to be attained.
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However, no matter how well-trained a counsellor or therapist is, it cannot be helped that he himself may have his own personal biases and issues that may crop up during sessions with some particular clients. Sometimes, there is something in the client that influences the counsellor’s unconscious feelings which may interfere with the counselling process.
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Business units of different sizes are regarded as important source of business opportunities for a singular integrated economy. The organizations that are considered as the domestic business units are lagging behind the international business organizations.
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Most of them depicted it as patterns of shared values and beliefs that over time produce behavioral norms adopted in solving problems (Hofstede, 1980; Kotter, 1992). However, Schein (1990) reckoned a more appropriate definition of culture: a body of solutions to problems that have worked consistently and are taught to new members as the correct way to perceive, think about, and feel in relation to those problems.
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Dialogue of cultures provides mutual understanding between people, revealing of the spiritual uniqueness of each of them. Preservation and development of a culture of each nation should become the business of all world community. The culture is a basis for the social and economic development of people.
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n the wake of the individuals acting like each other and working towards a common goal – where the organization wants to reach at a particular point in time within the future. Rather he has looked at it from a different perspective. What he has stated is that it is difficult
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Please watch Dr.Peter Senge's talk on Organizational Dynamics, Culture, and Generational Leadership and find A) as many cultural dimensions of the GLOBE study or B) 6 Hofstede's cultural dimensions in the video and discuss how Dr. Sen
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The essay discusses how cultural dimensions in US and Spain coincide or contrast. It gives an in-depth view of beliefs and practices of the citizens based on the guidance of the cultural domains prevalence. Cultural dimensions Disparities and similarities exist in the cultural domains between the two countries. 

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is perhaps the oldest form that our world currently exhibits; however, it is still widely in use and employed today by both sides of the argument (Laungani 29). Similarly, with respect to Alder and Gundersen’s analysis, one can rapidly infer the power that the tug and pull between masculinity and femininity has had on cultural variance. One need look no further than norms that are exhibited in the Middle East with regards to female genital mutilation and compare that with the norms that are exhibited in our own society with respect to the practice of male circumcision to see that the ongoing dichotomy between masculinity and femininity has a profound effect on how we view ourselves, our own cultures, and the individual (Dallmayr 15). Question 2) Adler and Gundersen’s communication process is one that is carefully tempered by cross cultural understanding and a clear respect for cultural diversity and the elements that it exhibits with relation to the way in which an organization interacts and interrelates with its respective parts. In effect, the underlying root purpose of their argument is one in which parochialism is exposed for the detrimental affects it has on communication, the business process, and organizational effectiveness (Mitchell 2). Accordingly, a general lack of empathy/concern for the cross-cultural needs of the organization’s component units, the desire to implement an ethnocentric view of the world on other individuals/parts of the organization, and a lack of respect for the cultural ramifications that help to guide the process of individual’s lives all contribute to major issues and problems as they relate to cross-cultural understanding. As a way to diminish these negative attributes of how individuals often behave, a company can work to actively provide training and


Name Date Course Section/# Cultural Variance, Communication Processes, and American Assumptions Regarding Leadership Midterm Exam Question 1) Cultural variance is a topic so broad that to adequately tackle the question would likely require a dissertation length analysis…
Culture and Gender issues in managment how cultures vary, cultural variance cultural dimensions ,implications
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