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Strategic management on JJB Sports - Essay Example

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Table of contents Introduction 2 Why change is necessary for JJB Sports 2 Paradigm shift 3 PESTEL analysis 4 SWOT analysis 5 Porter’s five forces model 5 BCG Matrix & Ansoff Matrix 6 Competitive advantage 6 Product life cycle 7 Significance of strategic management 8 Critique of contemporary management & research 10 References 12 Appendix 1: PESTEL Analysis 13 Appendix 2: Porter’s five forces model 14 Appendix 3: BCG matrix 15 Appendix 4: Ansoff’s matrix 16 Introduction The high street is in crisis and it has been hit by the triple whammy of the double dip recession, digital competition and the emergence of mega shopping centers…
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Strategic management on JJB Sports
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Extract of sample "Strategic management on JJB Sports"

Download file to see previous pages Against this background, this paper has been designed to identify the strategic change initiative that can be implemented by JJB Sports in order to revitalise its operations that have dipped as a result of the above mentioned factors. Changes are necessary for businesses so that they can gain competitive advantage over other rival competitors. This will also help the company to grab a large market share which can contribute to its viability in the long run. Why change is necessary for JJB Sports The digital competitive environment of 2013 makes it imperative for all organizations that are concerned about their survival to implement certain changes in their operations. In order to keep pace with the changes obtaining in the environment in which an organization operates, it is important to implement certain changes that can be aligned to the current business strategy. The use of new information and communication technology has significantly improved the operations of any business during the contemporary period. Therefore, any company that is concerned about its success should harness this new digital marketing and communication strategy. Change is also necessary given that the company will be able to attract more customers since the bulk of business is conducted through the internet during the contemporary period. Many organizations are shifting from traditional to digital marketing practices since the bulk of business is done online during the current period. In this case, JJB Sports should adopt a brick and click strategy in its operations. According to Bricks & Clicks (2013), this strategy integrates both traditional marketing strategies as well as digital marketing communication strategies and it focuses on different lines of business. The advantage of the traditional marketing strategy is that the organization is in a better position to retain its old customers while the use of digital communication will help to improve the efficiency of the organization in its operations. The company’s effectiveness can also be enhanced through the use of new information and technology since it will be in a position to process information at a faster rate. The advantage of new information and communication technology is that it can process large volumes of information at higher speed than information that is manually processed. The other advantage is that it is cost effective compared to other forms of communication. The company can also be in a position to reach a wide range of people through the use of the internet given that it is accessible to people in different geographical locations. Another important consideration for JJB Sports is that it should use aggressive marketing strategies that are aided by new information and communication technology in order to be in a position to gain competitive advantage. The organization ought to realign itself to the needs of the external environment and evaluate the possible outcome of the strategic change programme implemented. There are different strategic management theories that can be used to shape the strategy for the organization. This section of the paper discusses ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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