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Basketball Court - Essay Example

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Building a Basketball Court located in violent neighborhood located in Miami to reduce gang violence, certain experts say an outdoor basketball court is what is needed for after hours. Your project is to raise the $500,000 needed to build the court, and a budget is $5,000…
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Basketball Court
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Download file to see previous pages Personnel Roles 8 Project Manager: Sultan Malki 8 Assistant Project Manager/Quality management: Hassan Hazime 9 Resource Management and communication: Majid Altaweraqi 9 Task Management and assistant resource manager: Khaled Alqahtani 9 Research and Information Management /Cost analysis: Mohammed Dashti 10 Project Team Manager/ Project change Manager: Tamer Turjuman 10 Project Cost Analysis and Duration 12 Work breakdown structure 13 Location 14 Plot Pictures 15 Back view 15 Front View 16 Aerial View 17 Appendix 18 Fundraising requirement 18 Conclusion 20 Reference 22 Benefactor contacts 23 Background The main purpose of the proposed basketball court project is to provide an alternative outdoor recreation facility to the surrounding community of NW 27th Terrace in the city of Miami specifically in Midtown. This area is not quite the typical, safe residential area where facilities are spread throughout the district. So, it is considered somewhat a poor community in Miami where many similar struggling neighborhoods exist in this city. In addition to that, there are houses and a public school located within a walking distance from this empty property that has been assigned to be a basketball court. The facility usage will not be limited to a certain group in that area. All community members will have an equal chance to use the basketball court. An outdoor basketball court provides another venue for recreational sports to host intramural activities and a place of open recreation for all community members. In addition, being involved in sports and outdoor activates is a good way to relief stress and anger. Consuming energy at a basketball court is safer and more beneficial to community members rather than being active on the streets that can lead to injury or crime; according to the Australian Institute of Criminology, “sport and physical activity have crime prevention potential.” Project initiation Project selection To build an outdoor basketball court within 6 months with a starting budget of $5000, in order to reduce gang violence Vision and benefits Reduce gang violence Engage young members to be active in the community Benefit the community, economically, socially and educationally Project Planning Key Staff Project Manager (PM) 2 Assistant Project Managers (APM) Public Relator (PR) Sports Surface Construction Cooperation Project Charter In the United States, the U.S. department of justice authorizes the action to construct and build a basketball court. In order to construct a basketball court, certain specification is required by the outdoor sports construction companies and by the suppliers. Fundraising shall come from Miami Dade County ($10,000), Neighborhood Donations ($5,000), Nike ($300,000), Urban Development ($50,000), Miami Heat Charity Organization ($100,000),and Spalding corporation ($35,000) Scope Statement Project Objective The primary objective is to build an outdoor basketball court within 6 months located at 213 NW 27th Terrance, Miami FL. Deliverables I. A standard high school or outdoor court (actual coverage 51’0’’ X 84’0’’) II. Concrete Slab (51’2’’ X 84’2’’) III. Two Fixed-Height, In-Ground Hercules Basketball System Models IV. Fixed- Height surrounding Fence with Openings V. Simple freestanding aluminum bench for sports court VI. An 8000 watt lighting system ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Basketball Court Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4250 Words.
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