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Technological progress is responsible for the rise of post-bureaucratic forms of organizations - Essay Example

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Argument in favour and against the role of technological progress in the rise of post-bureaucratic forms of organizations Introduction Post-bureaucratic organizations are organizations which function with the help of a range of new ideas such as total quality management, culture management matrix management etc…
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Technological progress is responsible for the rise of post-bureaucratic forms of organizations
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Extract of sample "Technological progress is responsible for the rise of post-bureaucratic forms of organizations"

Download file to see previous pages In other words, cross cultural business started to increase rapidly from 1980 onwards. Until 1980, most of the organizations operated with the help of Weber’s bureaucratic structure. Moreover, bureaucracy was dictating the organizational world during this period. However, the introduction of globalization and the rapid growth of technology helped the organizational world to operate more democratically from 1980 onwards. According to Josserand et al (2006) pointed out that “More than a simple exercise in reinvention, the post-bureaucratic era is characterized by hybridity. Far from being the end of bureaucracy, the post-modern area is that of its refurbishment” (p.54). In post bureaucratic organizations, the decisions are taken based on dialogue and consensus rather than authority and command. Organizations started to function as a network rather than hierarchy, because of the development of technology and scientific business management principles. Josserand et al (2006) cited many difficulties that involved in the transition of organizational world from bureaucratic to post bureaucratic. ...
he organizational world from bureaucratic to post-bureaucratic, some people argue that technological progress is the major factor behind the development of post-bureaucratic forms of organizations. However, many others are of the view that along with technological advancements, plenty of other factors such as the evolutions of scientific management principles, concepts such as corporate social responsibility and sustainable development, contributed to the progress of post-bureaucratic organizations. This paper critically analyses these arguments. Technology & Post-Bureaucratic Organizations Role of Information communication technology or ICT The introduction of computers and internet have revolutionised the functioning of the organizational world. Many of the traditional organizational principles have given way for modern principles. For example, Bureaucratic organizations encourage individual work more whereas Post-Bureaucratic organizations encourage teamwork more. In other words, collectivism is prevalent in Post-Bureaucratic organizations whereas individualism is prevalent in Bureaucratic organizations. These changes in the organizational world were stimulated by the advancements in technologies. For example, in most of the IT companies, projects are executed with the help of project management teams. In other words, teams are responsible for the success and failures of a project rather than individuals. The above change helped individual employees to relax more and their job stress has come down drastically. It should be noted that the introduction of computers and internet helped the development of the concept of teamwork. “In recent years it has been argued that the widespread adoption of new information and communication technologies (ICTs) presages the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Technological Progress Is Responsible for the Rise of Essay.
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