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Project as an Intern at a Design Film - Essay Example

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(Name) (Institution) (Tutor) (Date) Project as an Intern at a Design Firm Introduction The vital principles of business must be integrated in any business project for it to realize its goals and objectives in a competitive market. The project undertaken describes how to contract and work with designers and effectively manage designed projects…
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Project as an Intern at a Design Film
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Download file to see previous pages This all depended on appropriate time scale, enough budget allocation and good client communication, since the work of a designer is turning a concept into reality. In the long run the design processes included experimental, routine and fashion designs. Another key is the assembly of the client team which gave an outline of factors to be considered when hiring personnel in the business, which resulted in overcoming the cultural and operational differences experienced. The last key is the briefing process, which defined the project objectives, specific business opportunities to be realized and the scope for creating opportunities for the firm. Shortlisting of qualified design consultants was paramount as their main function in the business was to provide professional design solutions so that the client needs are met. Appointed design consultants were to specifically give shape to responses made by the clients. They provided polished design criteria for projects which comprised of general overview of the project, intellectual, functional, technical and accommodation design criteria’s. ...
Introduction to Finance Every business is formed on a strong financial base for it to properly carry out its operations of making profits. Most of the spheres affected by the financial principles of the design firm were contract management, administration of contracts, resourcing, budget and cost planning. The module, introduction to finance introduced the basic corporate and personal finance concepts, the time value for money, financial markets, shares and bonds, financial risk and return, ways of raising money and elements of investment. In addition the major components of finance included institutions and markets under which there were banks and other financial institutions, and the Federal Reserve System fell (Melicher and Norton 115). Finally, financial management comprised of business organization, financial analysis and long term financial planning, managing working capital and capital budgeting analysis. These principles served as the foundation of finance relating to the design business during my internship. Through financial analysis: the differences between manager and stakeholders are identified, time value of money, and higher returns were realized by taking more risks as the diversification of interests reduced risks. The design business had a financial system where the financial capital flowed with the aid of markets, intermediaries and regulation from savings to investments in the economy (Melicher and Norton 328). Melicher and Norton (251) argue that money markets are where the debt securities maturing within one year or less are traded while the capital markets are debt securities that mature longer than one year are traded. The major types of financial ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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