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Mouse Factory Design of Experiments - Statistics Project Example

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The quality control and determination of the optimum input required for production of quality products with minimal cost input requires a measurement which will act as a base of product improvement. This report is aimed at providing a statistical analysis approach to the…
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Mouse Factory Design of Experiments
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Extract of sample "Mouse Factory Design of Experiments"

Download file to see previous pages These will act as a basis for future improvements, modifications and prediction.
The graph above shows the graphical distribution of the 381 observation in the experiment. As it can be seen from the chart the percentage shrinkage lies between 53.5 and 55.1. Therefore the mean shrinkage lies at about 54 percent.
The mean percentage shrinkage for the initial settings is 54.35. The mode is 54.46 while the median is 54.37. These measures of central tendency are not significantly different suggesting that the data is normally distributed. This rhymes well with the graphical representation in the above figure.
The variability of percentage shrinkage can be located by use of range, standard deviation and variance. The range which measures the difference between the biggest and the smallest observation is 1.88. The variance and the standard deviation of these observations are 0.16 and 0.40 respectively. The smaller the variability of the shrinkage the more the data is clustered around the mean and the more it is predictable.
Considering the initial variable settings which represent the main input the mean shrinkage should lay in the following confidence interval; By taking a consideration of 95% confidence interval, sample size of 381, a sample mean of 54.35 and a standard deviation of 1.88, the confidence interval mean of the future shrinkage should lie between 54.16 and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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