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Contents Contents 1 1. Introduction 3 1.1. The Topic 5 1.2. The Problem 5 1.3. The Scope 8 1.4. Aim and Objectives of the Project 8 1.5. Significance of the Project 10 1.6. The Project Methodology 10 1.6.1. Collection of Data 11 Documentary Analysis 11…
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Project Management - Communication for Improvement
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Download file to see previous pages 22 2.2.3. HR and Finance Section of DoT: In Focus 22 2.3. The Survey Results 24 2.4. Synthesis 29 2.5. The Option 31 3. Research Analysis 32 3.1. Analysis of the Findings 32 3.2. Recommendations 37 3.3. Evaluation of Recommendations 38 4. The Presentation 40 4.1. Presentation 40 4.2. Results of the Findings 41 4.3. Impact of the Project 42 References 43 List of Figures and Tables Figure 1 p. 7 Figure 2 p.9 Figure 3 p. 16 Figure 4 p.34 Table 1 p. 24 Table 2 p. 36 Table 3 p.37 Name Professor Subject Date Project Management: Department of Transportation and Communication 1. Introduction Crucial in the timely delivery of government services to the people is the appropriate allocation and use of funds and resources by government agencies. It is a recognized fact that public resources are also limited, and as such, a sagacious use of public resources is critical to help citizens obtain the means in attaining the good life. From this perspective, it becomes clear why project management is incorporated as the government department and agencies. Since, project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet project requirement (PMBOK Guide). It requires planning, organizing, controlling, and monitoring activities to comply with project requisites. As such, it is pivotal that in managing projects (1) identifying project requirements and establishing objectives to attain it (2) managing competing priorities and (3) satisfying identified stakeholders while working with the constraints of time, cost, and scope (PMBOK Guide). In effect, through project management, government projects are delivered more effectively and efficiently as selection, control, and evaluation are processes integrated in government projects, thus, creating measures protecting public funds and resources and securing the interests of the citizenry. Guided by the ethos of service to the people, economic growth, pursuit of quality of life, and environmental sustainability, the Department of Transportation – Abu Dhabi (DoT) has embarked in establishing world class transportation system that is not only efficient and well integrated but, it also “serves the public interest by enhancing mobility and delivering safe, secure and environmentally responsible Aviation, Maritime, Public Transport and Highways sectors” ( These vision and mission are founded on the principles of excellence, commitment, integrity, cooperation, transparency, and efficiency ( In turning this vision-mission into reality, DoT has identified five objectives. These are (1) Reducing congestion and enhancing mobility within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. (2) Enhancing transport safety and security in coordination with key stakeholders. (3) Providing high quality and reliable transport services to all areas within the Emirate. (4) Establishing an effective and efficient transport sector that responds to the rapid growth of Abu Dhabi’s economy. (5) Building a collaborative and result-oriented organization to achieve the set goals ( These objectives are aligned with the ideals of “world-class standards, emiratisation, privatization, cost-efficiency, accountability, transparency, and sustainability” ( Considering the various scopes of DoT objectives, this study will center on the fifth objective, “ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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