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For successful interaction between workers and their bosses and the customer in the company, the use of formal and informal methods of communication needs embracing. The group of workers under investigation construction workers led to the following results. The investigation…
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Communication Method Preferred By Workers
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Communication Methods Preferred By Workers ID Communication Methods Preferred By Workers For successful interaction between workers and their bosses and the customer in the company, the use of formal and informal methods of communication needs embracing. The group of workers under investigation construction workers led to the following results. The investigation aimed at the prevalence of formal and informal communication methods in a given company. The population under study comprises of 200 workers but only a sample of 30 considered for the study. The study was effective since the population at the company keeps growing.
Based on the information gathered, the following results reflect the position of the company and the results obtained by the study. The results saw more company employees suggest to side with formal communication. Basing on the sample used, the results were as follows. Eighteen of the employees suggested that the best communication method for them would be the formal communication method, only eight members believed that informal methods like grapevine could aid in communication in the company while only four employees remained neutral with no particular side to support.
According to the graph, the results remain in support of the employee communication as a means of people to create a force that works together and more bound. According to the graph, many of the employees rather supported the use of formal means of communication rating it than using the informal means. The neutral part remained accounted for but only four voted believing that they had no particular side of communication. These results indicated that the use of formal communication means could help hasten up the operations of the company despite the different disadvantages of the two. The informal means include the use of grape vine, which may also cause difficulties in interactions. The informal means provides the unofficial way of propelling information (DuBrin, 2008).
DuBrin, A. J. (2008). Essentials of management (5th ed.). Cincinnati: South-Western College Pub. Read More
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