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Leading and managing remotely - Essay Example

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Leading and Managing Remotely Background Corporate social responsibility forms an integral part of business success in terms of local acceptance that influences staffing and other cooperation needs. A growing demand for corporate accountability regarding protection of the local interests of the community has introduced interesting rules and regulations for coexistence of the corporate and social worlds…
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Leading and managing remotely
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Download file to see previous pages With an increasing globalization drive that leads the nature of business culture towards an integrated system linking every part of the world, absence of a centralized global social and cultural information resource for business stifles optimal CSR experiences. Fortunately, the huge gap that exists in terms of the presentation of the cultural and social environment database that globalization needs is within reach, if the appropriate compilation suffices. Using a fair representation of global business information collected by a team of researchers, the following project debrief explains how the database construction proceeds amid the virtual management challenges after dispatch to various locations in the world (Majchrzak Malhotra and Rosen 2007, p62). Purpose of the Project The main aim of this project is to characterize various cultures and social settings that the global business fraternity must orientate to, in order to achieve the ever-increasing demand for a standardized corporate social responsible experience. ...
This project will integrate vital national and regional sociocultural environments across the five continents to supplement the scanty information available from different sources. Support and assistance from a number of multinationals is expected and the project funding and technical assistance promised increases success projections for this task. Some of the interested multinationals include Amazon, E-Bay UK and Vodafone UK. Team Expertise and Experience The team carrying out the project for the creation of the CSR demands database will be constituted of senior sociology students picked from three universities. Main concept of overseas corporate space coverage implies that the vital target for the project will be outsourced from foreign students from the other four continents. British students from our campus will be engaged for the characterization of Europe CSR while foreign students recruited will cover their home countries and their regional corporate culture as required for the project. The team overseeing the project has been in existence for a while, covering similar geographical coverage tasks on different topics. However, the lack of sufficient representation for complete global characterization in terms of the project demands compelled involvement of foreign students from two other universities. The success of this task is projected from the experience gained in the previous projects, for instance in a project that covered the estimations of social impact of aid on education against other forms of aid in Africa and Asia. Social interaction with communities supplied with aid not related to education shows that the definition of the specific needs of these communities is possible if a similar approach is employed. Education qualification for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Leading and Managing Remotely Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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