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Remote temperature sensor - Essay Example

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Instrumentation and control are a vital part of any feedback automated system.Research and control data must be collected frequently and recorded as soon as it is collected in order to draw conclusive results from it.This project consists of a remote temperature sensor.It comprises of a different sensors located at ten different geographical areas. …
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Remote temperature sensor
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"Remote temperature sensor"

Download file to see previous pages Instrumentation and control are a vital part of any feedback automated system. Research and control data must be collected frequently and recorded as soon as it is collected in order to draw conclusive results from it. The results obtained can be used for controlling and monitoring of many industrial applications or may give results towards an experiment that is being carried out. This project consists of a remote temperature sensor. It comprises of a different sensors located at ten different geographical areas. The sensors measure the temperature of the surrounding and send it after every ten minutes to a computer located at a meteorological department.In this project, a metrological data recording center requires the collection of data from ten different towns located within a given country. The metrological department needs to evaluate the temperatures of the ten aforementioned towns in order to calculate, determine and forecast the weather. Previously, the metrological department has been relying on data collected manually by technicians and it is then sent to the headquarter for evaluation. This has been problematic due to the fact that the data is unreliable, inaccurate, not collected within the stipulated time window, inconsistent, inefficient and always late. This has promoted the metrological department to collect the data using a set of remote temperature sensors located at these major towns.The central computer system receives these signals after every ten minutes and records them on a computer database. ...
n and configuration of the remote temperature sensor and its microcontroller unit, installation of this unit, software design as well as the assembly of the whole unit. After assembly, the equipment will be tested on its capability to log data from ten different locations.
The data will be received to the computer unit through a broadband modem. Both the internet of GSM/GPRS system will be applied. This will aid in accurate location of the given sensor. It is hoped that the system will enable accurate, reliable, efficient and effective data collection as well as its manipulation, tabulation and presentation of the temperature information on the computer display unit.

Table of Contents
Remote Temperature Sensor 1
Executive summary 1
Table of Contents 3
List of tables 6
List of figures 6
Chapter 1 7
Introduction 7
1.0 General introduction 7
1.1 Background study 9
1.1.1 Sensors 9
1.1.2 Temperature sensor 9
1.1.3 Calibration of sensors 10
1.1.4 Microcontroller unit 11
1.1.5 Programming the microcontroller 12
1.3 Problem statement 12
1.4 Aims and Objectives 13
1.5 Scope and limitation 14
Chapter two 15
Literature review 15
2.0 Introductions 15
2.1 Review of the development in temperature sensing devices 15
2.2 Review of the development in remote sensing 19
Chapter three 20
Research methodology 20
3.1 Research Methodology 20
The Ethernet connection board 24
This board helps in the connection of the sensor to the AVR microcontroller. The ether board has web server software that helps in the control of the sensors, taking and recording the reading as well as serving as the interface board between the microcontroller and the sensors. The board provides terminals for connecting several sensors on this board. For example, the temperature ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Remote Temperature Sensor Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 6000 Words)
Remote Temperature Sensor Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 6000 Words.
“Remote Temperature Sensor Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 6000 Words”, n.d.
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