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A Review of the Main Temperature Sensors for Control System and Summary of the Typical Sensors for Measurement of Rainfall - Assignment Example

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This research explores three basic types of sensors: RTD, thermocouple, and Thermistors. It will show how the sensors work, and provide their unique features, advantages, and disadvantages. Temperature sensors are the “nervous systems” of any controller…
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A Review of the Main Temperature Sensors for Control System and Summary of the Typical Sensors for Measurement of Rainfall
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Download file to see previous pages Thermocouples are widely used because they are reliable, simple to use, and have a relatively lower price compared to other sensors (Seaton & Leach, 2005). Thermocouples are self-powered, thus eliminating the use of a separate or an external power supply to the sensors. They are durable when they are chosen appropriately for a designed application. Ibrahim and Coupland confirm that the thermocouple sensors are used in applications that handle very high temperatures such as incinerators. A thermocouple is a temperature transducer, which operates on a principle that unlike conductive materials is capable of generating current when they are joined (Setback effect) (Jianwei Shen & Shen, 2009). Such devices are made by joining two wires that are made of alloys (different metals) joined at one end, and then generating a voltage of EAB when heated.
Jikwang, Jonsung, and Younghwa (2009) emphasize that the produced voltage is proportional to the difference between the measured joint temperatures and the reference point, which is determined experimentally and it depends on the type of materials that are used. A temperature monitoring system when using a thermocouple includes connectors, thermocouple, isothermal block, extension wires, and a transmitter also known as a voltmeter. This schematic (figure 6) is for type J iron (Fe) Constantin Cu-Ni thermocouple. Nieuwenhove and Vermeeren (2004) describe that when the thermocouple junction is cooled or heated, a digital voltmeter or potentiometer can be used to measure the resulting voltage.

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