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Engine Management Systems - Coursework Example

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Response to Task: Engine Management Systems Name Institution TASK 1: Engine management system The two types of electronic engine management system used in the modern aircraft are the Full Authority Digital Electronic control system (FADEC) and the hydro mechanically controls system…
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Engine Management Systems
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"Engine Management Systems"

Download file to see previous pages The FADEC controls the fuel injection and timing; hence, optimize engine power. This adds the considerable amount of wiring to the system due to the needed separate power supply for backup from the alternator. The extra weight of parts of FADEC system has to be checked and recalculated for adjustment. FADEC has cockpit controls and other extra switches added to this system to control the fuel pump. These systems are protected by the FADEC power supply (Gunston, 1990)). The ECU has a 3D memory map, which controls fuel injection under varied circumstances for instance, air pressure density and the air temperature, with respect to throttle settings and the RPM. The Electronic Control Unit can sense barometric pressure and respond by injecting fuel. The spark plug ignition timing is controlled depending on load for each throttle settings. The ignition timing variations yields faster engine starting and smoother operations with the variable loads. The FADEC engine does not need chocking during starting since the ECU controls fuel for every cylinder and assists in retarding the ignition. FADEC system does not use the carburetor and the ignition and does not also depend on aircraft electrical system (Guttman, 2009). On the other hand, in the hydromechanical control system, the driver is in control of the aircraft power plant using an internal combustion engine. The sensors and control are the alternator and the battery masters. The battery master activates the battery contractor that connects the battery to the electrical bus aircraft. Alternator master applies power to the field circuit of the alternator to activate the circuit. The two switches provide power to the aircraft systems. The throttle sets up the required power level and controls the massive air-flow rate in the carbureted engines that are delivered to the cylinder. Pitch control adjust the speed unit, which then adjusts the propeller pitch and controls the load required by the engine in maintaining the RPM. The mixture control will in turn set the needed fuel to add to the airflow intake. At high altitudes, the oxygen levels reduce and, therefore, volume of the fuel must readjust to the required air-fuel mixture. The ignition switch opens the ‘P’’lead circuit by activating the magnetos. The magnetron maintains the process of sending the output voltage to spark plugs and connects the engine through the gearing. Movement in the crankshaft causes the magnetrons to generate voltage for sparking (Hispano-Suiza, 2001). TASK 2: FADEC SYSTEM The FADEC system is connected to inputs and outputs as illustrated in the diagram 01 Diagram 01: INPUT AND OUTPUTS OF A FADEC FADEC system is the most current system used to control the aircraft engines. The computers form part of its components and have the ability to process more data than the hydromechanical control system. This, therefore. enables the FADEC to optimize the operation of the engine system, as well performs other functions. This includes fuel control, power management, Sourcing data for ECM controlling of thrust reverser, shutting down, detecting of faults for the system, monitoring all components of the engine, as well as sourcing data to be used for engine indication. In order to achieve these tasks, the FADEC has various components. These components include Electronic Engine Control (EEC) and the auxiliary components. These auxiliary components include the sensors, ignition systems the stator valves, the actuator controller, FADEC Alternator, the Reverser ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Engine Management Systems Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words)
Engine Management Systems Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
“Engine Management Systems Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words”, n.d.
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