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Project Management regarding New Online Room Booking System - Case Study Example

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ABC Corporation Ltd for Hospitality Management, located in the centre of Bristol (BPS), is associated with hospitality industry, and it provides luxurious rooms to customers. The Organization needs an online room booking system for which the firm made a contract with our software development team i.e…
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Project Management regarding New Online Room Booking System
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Extract of sample "Project Management regarding New Online Room Booking System"

Download file to see previous pages The framework of this project comprises of several stages of systems development. The following figure illustrates the phases of project development model that is adopted for this entire online booking project development process:-
During the first phase of this online software development work, the team manager along with members of our team, needed to work together to define what our team is going to deliver by the end of the project. In first phase, the important deliverable is the project plan of online room booking system which outlines goals and objectives of this project. By effective planning we can meet the deadlines with our sufficient resources and thereby produce final deliverables that meet our customers' needs, and maintain the morale and energy of our team members. Without proper planning, all of these are put at risk. For adequate planning, 10% of total project time has been allocated. In view of the resources available with our team, we planned to carry on with the project as per the precedence diagram shown in Appendix-'A', where development of the project is depicted in a clear cut hierarchy of step by step. On the basis of the flow chart our team has to be entrusted appropriate jobs for maximum utilization of available man power within limited time frame. As a part of systematic planning process and as per the precedence diagram provided as Appendix 1, the project would be started with an enquiry received from client. Two members, preferably the team manager and a member, will be responsible to fix an appointment with the client to establish the outline of the project on Online Room Booking System. This process will take 2 days. After this discussion a broad idea will be generated about the objectives of the project to be developed. Subsequently a draft Terms of Reference will have to be prepared for the project team. Two members will be utilized for this purpose for two days. Then three members from our team will analyze the current booking system on a day. The same members will take 2 more days to examine other contemporary online booking systems. After observing various elements of the current booking systems, the client's requirements, and other similar online services our two members will prepare a draft initial design and explain it to the client by displaying the work flow of the utility going to be designed as per their requirements. It will take two days for designing initial model of project and for discussing with clients about its application for the online booking system. Pursuant to the suggestions and clarifications on the matter, the draft design of project will be revised to meet the newly raised queries and suggestions made by clients. This process involves three members of our team to work for duration of two days. During this time the other three members will re-examine other online booking systems for novel, unique strategies, techniques and ideas.
Considering all aspects of application of new project, various processes of designing and examining the other online booking systems and discussing with the client about its implementation in a commercial perspective, our team may decide to use appropriate front end as well as back end utility(Software) for designing the project in field. Here ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Project Management Regarding New Online Room Booking System Case Study.
“Project Management Regarding New Online Room Booking System Case Study”, n.d.
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