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Transport Techniques and Management - Essay Example

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Transport Techniques and Management Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Alternates to Diesel transportation 3 Inland waterways transport 8 Driving factors 10 Outsourcing of logistics 12 Tender notice 14 Key points 15 References 17 Bibliography 18 Alternates to Diesel transportation Fossil fuels are fuels that are produced by natural progressions (Park, 1987, p.38)…
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Download file to see previous pages Fossil fuels are considered as non renewable sources of energy (Lawson, 2001, p.38). The reserves are getting depleted away at a much faster rate in comparison to its formation. However the production process and its use increase the chances of environmental pollution. Therefore a global footstep towards the formation of non-renewable resources is under process in order to meet the needs. However there are also environmental effects which take place for its usage. USA only holds 5 % of the world’s total population, but due to its high usage of private cars, it consumes a lot of petroleum products. USA uses more than 25% of the total fossil flues of the world. Moreover 90% emission of green house gasses is mainly due to the process of fossil fuel combustion. Combustion of fossil fuels also gives rise to the different air pollutants the pollutants include nitrogen oxide, volatile organic compounds and sulphur oxide (Chowdhury, 2007, p.2). Coal, natural gasses and oil are made from fossil fuels (U.S department of energy, n.d.). Oil is also considered as the primary source of transportation. Petroleum products include diesel, petrol and other natural gasses. Due to the heavy increase of transportation there is a huge increase in the use of petrol and diesel. Also the products are non renewable sources thus usage should be controlled. Therefore it is necessary to find an alternate source by which the non renewable sources can be consumed for future uses. Also if the non renewable sources are used to a certain level the future generation capability may also get highly weakened. Hence the alternative means of flues or any other technology must be renewable. In other words there should be use of alternatives which can be further generated and also remain economically friendly. Therefore in the context of the project the three alternative means of technology or fuel in underlined below:- Alternative 1- The first alternative is about using solar energy for the process of transportation: The use of solar panel in car can hugely save energy and is also an eco friendly medium. Solar panels are mainly made up of different individual components such as Photo voltaic cells. These cells are capable of generating high amount of amount of energy in order to run a carriage. Solar panels can be attached to the roof tops of the cars, the solar panels are mainly used for running the peripheral devices within the engine and not rolling the wheels. The only difference between the other cars and a solar car is the fuel that is used for running the car. The energy from sun also known as solar energy is used to charge the cells. The power that has been generated from the solar panels is used to charge the 11 Nickel Metal-Hydride batteries, which makes it capable to run even a bus. For example a bus named ‘Tin-do’ is capable of carrying passengers up 27 numbers. The car is also capable to run at a speed of 76 km / hr. The biggest advantages of using solar panels are that it gets recharged very quickly. The quicker recharge system allows the battery to get recharged 1km capacity, which makes the technology to be very competitive. The advantages of Solar energy cars are as follows:- The energy is practically inexhaustible. The energy is derived from sun light and hence there are no concerns over its existence (Chauhan, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Transport Techniques and Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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