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Management Techniques - Research Paper Example

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Before discussing some management techniques that most of the managers use to put their companies on the path of unending success, let us get a better understanding of the role of effective management in the success of companies in today’s competitive market. Effective…
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Management Techniques
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Extract of sample "Management Techniques"

Download file to see previous pages Without increasing employee productivity, it is impossible for a company to achieve required goals and objectives in the given time frame.
According to Kimball and Nink (2006), employee productivity and engagement are imperative for the success of companies. That is the reason why managers of almost all companies give extreme importance to increase employee productivity and efficiency. Managers use effective management techniques not only to improve their productivity at the workplace but also to motivate them to do their best for the benefit of the company. Let us now discuss some of the common management techniques that managers of most of the companies use to improve overall functioning of their companies in competitive environments.
Some of the most common management techniques being used by the managers all over the world include building effective workforce, growth management, incentives and bonuses, and increasing the use of technology. Let us now discuss all of these management techniques to get a better understanding of how managers use these techniques for the growth of their companies.
One of the main management techniques used by most of the managers is to build an effective workforce that can help the company achieve its goals and objectives successfully. According to Mabey and Ramirez (2005), managing development greatly contributes to improved firm performance. Managers usually undergo a complete human resource recruitment process for selecting talented individuals whose job competency matches with the requirements of the jobs being offered. They create job descriptions for all of the jobs that they plan to advertise and post them in famous newspapers and magazines. Upon receiving the applications, they analyze each of those and select only those applicants who possess the required set of skills, abilities, and qualification.
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