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Project Plan for an Online Music Store - Essay Example

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This paper aims to develop a business project plan for an online music store that sells music in physical and digital form, music gear, and other music related paraphernalia. The music site will also offer added services to improve the client’s experience…
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Project Plan for an Online Music Store
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Download file to see previous pages After the site is done, the clients will be able to purchase music gear like headphones and ipods, music magazines like Billboard magazine and Rolling stones magazine, as well as music compact discs and digital music. The site will also provide the facilitation of cart system of purchase, where the client can purchase the products directly, add them to the purchase cart, and then pay fro them online via credit cards and other arrangements. 2. Project Overview 2.1 Scope This online store will enable clients and other users to purchase digital music of their choice from a wide catalogue. It will also make them able to purchase compact discs, vintage vinyl, music instruments, music players, musical headgear, music and music related magazines and other music paraphernalia that may be related to these products like long life power batteries for music players. The online store will also feature a jam room where the sites clients will be offered music at dates, which are pre-decided. The online site will thus have a jam room booking option where the clients and other users can hand in their details, for processing and thus book the jam room beforehand. Via adding products to cart, the clients can also purchase products online and then pay for them later online. 2.2 Details and Requirements Ear Lickers online music store aims to be a leading band in the buying of music and music related paraphernalia on the internet. To do this, the site, will have to be user friendly, efficient, and reliable (Reid, 2009 p56). For this to be values to be instituted, the online site will have these features: A log in section, which is aimed at enabling users to create accounts n the website and...
This paper seeks to provide an outline of a project plan aimed at starting an online store for the sale of music. This project plans main purpose is to define tentatively the different iterations and phases for the lifecycle of the project. This plan could act as a guide for software development processes too. For software development, the professionals who could use this project plan include team leaders who would utilize it for planning sharing of resources and management of time.
This project’s main objective is for the development of an online store, which is mainly aimed at live clients, and will be called Ear lickers music store. After the site is done, the clients will be able to purchase music gear like headphones and ipods, music magazines like Billboard magazine and Rolling stones magazine, as well as music compact discs and digital music. The site will also provide the facilitation of cart system of purchase, where the client can purchase the products directly, add them to the purchase cart, and then pay fro them online via credit cards and other arrangements. Since online music stores are a relatively new venture, it was important to come up first with a project plan before the actual setting up of the project. This helps in the systematic implementation of the project and its completion on schedule and within budget. The various members of the team are required to be aware of their specific tasks in order for them to be efficient and conclude their duties on time. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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