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Develop strategic HRM plans and policies for an organization Executive Summary The project seeks to develop and prepare a human resource management plans for an organization seeking to establish global operations. This is done by first analyzing the various HR issues which are likely to arise out of diversity issues…
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Develop strategic HRM plans and policies for an organisation
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Download file to see previous pages The main aspects which are identified include areas of recruitment and selections, training and development, communication programs, performance management systems and even conflict management. Besides implementing fairness in all of the above HR aspects it is recommended that the organizations provides a common platform for all in which they could voice any problem faced with regards to diversity. Hurdle free communication channels, instant and continuous support from executives for resolving diversity issues and grievances handling are particularly recommended. Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Introduction 4 HRM plans and policies for an organization operating in the global business environment 5 Conclusion and Recommendations 11 Bibliography 15 Introduction Today’s organizations seek to attain excellence through diversity. However, the term diversity is often seen to raise controversy, confusion and complication. However, despite the various severe implications of diversity, organizations continue to encourage diversity at the workplace. This is primarily applicable for the large and multinational organizations which have multinational presence across all corners of the globe. The word diversity immediately brings to mind the differences in race and ethnicity rather than gender of the workforce. In other words diversity is defined as those human qualities and characteristics which different between individuals and groups but are existent in the people outside the group. It is rather important to realize that the concept of diversity includes very many different dimensions apart from age, gender, race, geographic location, religious beliefs, work experiences etc. These dimensions have important implications for performance and productivity, success and motivation and interactions among employees in the organization. It is important that organizations use these dimensions to their use and advantage rather than focusing on their elimination. That is why managing diversity has emerged as a popular concept in organizational scenario today and is widely practiced in almost all organizations; the multinational organizations in particular. They accept the fact that diversity contributes to the richness of the organization and enhances the quality of organizational life for groups and individuals. Today’s organizations take pride in workforce differences and use them to their own benefit. The project seeks to make an analysis of the various dimensions of diversity in organizations and their implications in organizational life. Based on the analysis it developed human resource management policies and practices aimed at managing a diverse workforce in the global organizations. Specific recommendations are provided in the form of strategic HRM plans for an organization which is expanding its presence in the global market. HRM plans and policies for an organization operating in the global business environment Organizations working in the global market must strive to create a harmonious and inclusive environment as it enhances their reputation as being favorable recruiters and allows them to attract and retain the best talents from the industry. The main aspect of managing a diverse workforce is to provide employees with the feeling of inclusiveness, rewarded and valued despite their differences. This helps to motivate them and attain their maximum engagement at the workplace. In a survey ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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