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Humen resource management. Communications Officer at Care International - Essay Example

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There is need to match individual characteristics with the requirements of the job and this can be done through a job analysis. This is the foundation for many human resources programs as it provides the basic information about the requirements of the job as well as forecasting on the needs of the job. …
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Humen resource management. Communications Officer at Care International
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Extract of sample "Humen resource management. Communications Officer at Care International"

Download file to see previous pages Therefore, this HRM portfolio seeks to evaluate the significance of job analysis and design with regards to sustainability of organisations during the contemporary period and the discussion is centred on the position of Communication’s Officer at Care International. As such, the portfolio is structured as follows: the first section looks at the description of the job and organisation, the second section focuses on job analysis plan as well as discussion about the link between job analysis and design and sustainability of an organisation’s human resources. The last section focuses on outlining job descriptions in modern workplaces.

The role of Communications Officer is mainly concerned with gathering as well as disseminating information about the activities in which the organisation is involved in. As highlighted, Care International is a Non Governmental Organisation that is concerned with offering humanitarian assistance to families that have been impacted by natural disasters. This organisation seeks donations on behalf of people who have been affected by natural disasters from different organisations and these are distributed to the people in need. The organisation is also involved in assessing the magnitude of natural disasters in different situations and it coordinates the efforts of the other organisations towards provision of relief to people who have been affected. ...
A Communications Officer role is to interact directly with the people in order to gather information about those in need as well as to establish the nature of problems they are facing. This person is also responsible for communicating vital information about the organisation to different stakeholders that may be involved in its operations. For instance, the Communications Officer will also be responsible for speaking on behalf of the company about various activities it is involved in to different stakeholders. This person is also responsible for disseminating any information or correspondence with other employees in the organisation. The incumbent person for this particular position should possess effective communication skills, both verbally and written since he or she deals with vital information about the organisation. This position is people oriented hence there is need for selecting the right person since the image of the organisation is portrayed through the Communications Officer. Section 2: a. This section outlines a job analysis plan that details the method going to be used to conduct an analysis for the post of Communications Officer. The first step is concerned with outlining the role expectations of the Communications Officer in the organisation. This step helps to define the role expectations of this incumbent person with regards to the duties going to be performed. In as far as planning is concerned, this role is very important given that it enables the recruiters to select the ideal candidate from a pool of potential job applicants. For instance, a Communications Officer has to possess effective communication skills in order to be able to execute this particular type of job. Defining the position also helps to determine the level of competence ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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