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Leadership: Important Aspect of the Society - Essay Example

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An essay "Leadership: Important Aspect of the Society" claims that good leaders are admired and considered to be competent in the whole leadership process. This results from their ability to effectively apply competencies, skills, talents, attribute, and knowledge in leading their subordinates. …
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Leadership: Important Aspect of the Society
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Download file to see previous pages This results from their ability to effectively apply competencies, skills, talents, attributes and knowledge in leading their subordinates. Moreover, an appropriate approach to leadership allows leaders to cause a positive impact on an organization or a group. Due to the combination of individual strengths and an appropriate leadership trait, leaders are enabled to cause a desirable change within organizations. In this paper I present an essay which gives a critical evaluation and reflection of my strengths and weaknesses in leadership and followership. The evaluation of skills will include my competencies, skills, knowledge and attributes. Moreover, the essay provides illustrations which are based on my leadership and followership abilities and weaknesses. These illustrations are given within the assay with a view of describing how I would develop my leadership and followership further both within the short term and long term. Within my interactions, team and group work, I have been described as an individual who is able to impart influence on others, especially on matters of opinion. I consider this to be most valuable of my abilities which would streamline and promote my leadership and followership roles. Naquin and Holton (2006, p. 144) bring this point home by defining a leader as a person who is able to influence others. In addition, leaders achieve success by influencing their fellowship to work towards achievement of the goals and objectives of the organization. I consider the ability that I have in being influential as a strength which illustrates my competence which would make me a successful leader in future. However, I am aware that the competence of being influential can only be effective if applied in the achievement of positive change within an organization or institution. Foster (2006, p. 15) illustrates that influential leaders use their abilities for the advantage of causing a positive change in the culture of an organization and, thus, improve performance and productivity among the subordinates. I am a very innovative individual because I have a special ability of evaluating situations and defining the most appropriate and innovative approach of reaching a solution. Nollenberger (2006, p. 28) supports innovativeness as a strength which enhances leadership by describing an effective leader as an innovative person. This is due to the fact that organizations are at many instances and times faced with complex situations which require innovative solutions. For example, the productivity of an organization may decline due to social and economic forces within an organization. It is only through the innovativeness of a leader that the most effective approaches are applied in reaching a solution. Beagrie (2004, p. 28) argues that an innovative leader will be able to involve project teams in the process of sharing ideas with an intention of selecting the most innovative ideas among those provided by the team members. I, therefore, consider my innovativeness as a skill which defines my strength as a leader and which will play the role of enabling me to achieve success in leading my fellowship. I am competent in achieving personal development because I tend to learn from every situation and experience of everyday life. This competence favors my leadership role within any organization. However, there are gaps in evaluation because self evaluation may make me to be biased. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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