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This current study aims to highlight the marketing research process and its management of Jims Cleaning which is one of the leading names of the cleaning industry in Australia having numerous franchises all across the country and beyond boundaries as well. …
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Management of Jims Cleaning
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Download file to see previous pages arch Design: It is seen that in any research, the results are confirmed only when they are in alignment with the validity that is, only when the results reflect actually what they are intended to measure as per the defined objectives. There are numerous ways through which a validity of a research can be determined, however, as far as this particular research is concerned, and the measures for validity measurement would include: 1. Statistical Conclusion Validity: as this particular research is quantitative in nature, it would be apt to find whether there exists a relationship between the variables defined for research. Suitable statistical tests would be intervened to ensure the credibility of the results derived and conclusions made. 2. External Validity: Another validity test that is chosen for this research is the external validity whereby the findings of this research can be generalized afar from the current sample. This also means that the problem of microfiber cleaning faced by other organizations and customers in general can prove to be beneficial not only for Jims Cleaning but industry as a whole and a general consensus to ultimate findings can be made. Reliability in Research Design Internal validity in a research is always subjected to its reliability. The data collected through the form of questionnaire, e-mailers etc is subjected to certain discrepancies. To avoid the possible disparities in results, test of reliability would be performed for the current research which includes: Inter Rater Reliability Test To ensure the reliability and certainty of the respondents replies, two observes would be allocated the job to rate the same respondents based on the information imparted by them through different sources after which they can be correlated amongst each...
The current research focuses on the predefined objective that is Jims cleaning efforts and practices to overcome the current issues it is facing regarding microfiber cleaning of sensitive fabrics. For this, the business past and present performance will be studied and customer satisfaction would be derived by conducting a stakeholder analysis along with a SWOT analysis of the company. An organization faces numerous obstacles in the process of its establishment and growth. Customer satisfaction is the key that can drive an organization towards success and also an edge towards the existing competitors of the industry. In the course of execution, different problems emerge that pose difficulties for a firm to survive. Amongst all obstacles and issues, Jims Cleaning has emerged a strong competitor for all its rivals in the cleaning industry. But still there are issues which have lead to customer dissatisfaction in the recent past related to microfiber fabric cleaning. To overcome this problem, effective strategies and policies need to be framed by the top officials. This study aims to ascertain the procedure and practices that Jims Cleaning would adopt to satisfy its customers regarding the issue taken into consideration. SWOT analysis is a tool which defines all possible strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of an organization. This specific tool would help an organization to analyze its current position in the competitive industry in terms of its internal and external concerns. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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