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The Impact of an environmental factor on my organisation & job : Jims Cleaning or Telstra - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Jims Cleaning company offers home/office cleaning, car cleaning, car body detailing, pressure cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning and blind cleaning/repair services (Jims Cleaning Group, 2013). This discussion will elaborate on the impact and management of one key…
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The Impact of an environmental factor on my organisation & job : Jims Cleaning or Telstra
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Extract of sample "The Impact of an environmental factor on my organisation & job : Jims Cleaning or Telstra"

Download file to see previous pages The discussion will also explain how Jims Cleaning Companys approach in managing the change reflects academic theory how the organization manages the change while using relevant academic theory to develop the essay.
The perspective that merits attention here is that the impact of environmental factors on the operations of the company usually becomes evident in the most-unexpected ways and at the most-unexpected times. In fact, it is essential to highlight that the measures taken by Jims Cleaning are usually reactionary in nature. (Summers & Smith, 2010) Even though a best case scenario would be one in which a business can highlight one specific environmental factor (to which it is most vulnerable) and develop Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) to deal with it, a company like Jims Cleaning Company cannot possibly afford that luxury. The scenario changes with every task, and there is no way to be sure if a specific SOP will be applicable upon another task or not.
It would not be entirely incorrect to state that the impact of environmental factors on a cleaning company is extremely under-rated. A cleaning company has to deliver absolute perfection at the end of the day (Cole, 2005). The finished product offered by a cleaning company is the improved state of the clients property. As a result, there is very little margin for error or for the allowance of environmental factors to have an impact on the finished product.
Robbins et. al. (2012) provides an excellent elaboration of the range of environmental factors that can have an impact on an organization and its operations. In the case of Jims Cleaning Company, it would be fair to state that a very complicated mix of these factors come into play and influence the operations at the ground level.
Jims Cleaning Company provides a very wide yet specialized range of cleaning services. The provision of these services does not always give the staff the comfort of an office or warehouse (if the job is of a larger ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Impact of an Environmental Factor on My Organisation & Job : Jims Admission/Application Essay)
The Impact of an Environmental Factor on My Organisation & Job : Jims Admission/Application Essay.
“The Impact of an Environmental Factor on My Organisation & Job : Jims Admission/Application Essay”, n.d.
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