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Management Skills - CIMA Official Learning System Enterprise Management - Annotated Bibliography Example

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This paper "Management Skills - CIMA Official Learning System Enterprise Management" focuses on the fact that management is one of the most difficult tasks in any organization or in any enterprise or activity. For some people, it is a conscious and natural ability…
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Management Skills - CIMA Official Learning System Enterprise Management
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Download file to see previous pages This paper is being carried out in order to establish a comprehensive and academic discussion of leadership and management – how to establish efficacy in these areas based on practical concepts.
In the book by Norton and Hughes (2009), the authors discuss different management skills and one of these skills is delegation. Their discussion on delegation points out how a leader or a manager discusses to the members of the team or the organization about the task or the activity which has to be carried out and what each of them has to do in order to contribute to the accomplishment of the task (Norton & Hughes, 2009). In their discussion, the authors were able to point out that the leader is actually not fully capable or competent in carrying out the task which is needed to complete the activity; hence, such tasks are assigned to different people who are more capable (Norton & Hughes, 2009). Delegation is about empowering each member of the team and giving each member a chance to be a leader and a chance to contribute to the bigger goals of the organization or the team. The authors discuss in their book that delegation is about allowing the members of the team to make mistakes – and to correct such mistakes – without the fear of being blamed for such mistakes (Norton & Hughes, 2009).
In the above article, the website Mind Tools discusses principles which can be applied by a person in order to ensure successful delegation. The website first emphasizes that it is important to clearly articulate or express the desired outcome to the members of the group. It is therefore important, to begin with, end goals in mind and to specify how results can be gained from the end goals (MindTools, 2010). The constraints and boundaries also have to be identified, including the lines of authority and responsibility for each member of the group. It is also important to empower the members through the delegation process and in letting them decide which tasks can be assigned to them (MindTools, 2010). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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