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Enterprise Systems - Essay Example

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Enterprise Systems.
Enterprise Systems are integrated software tools used by large corporations to increase productivity, attain a homogenous system and to save on cost of implementation…
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Enterprise Systems
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Download file to see previous pages Examples of enterprise systems are email systems, project management systems and other productivity monitoring tools that would include workflow systems and accounting systems. Enterprise Systems in general are implemented to save on cost of implementation and maintenance. It is also adopted to ensure that independent island systems are prevented from proliferating in a large corporation intending to have a homogenous system that would cater to the needs of every employee of the company. Enterprise systems can also have modules that are exclusively used by certain departments or sections if not divisions within a company. Enterprise Systems Enterprise Systems are software specifically designed to address if not provide enterprise or corporate solutions to business challenges that would include productivity, timely reporting, and accurate reporting (Giachetti, 2010). Software applications are essential business tools that enable companies to gather data at the front end for processing or posting and converted into reports as part of the decision support systems. However, there are instances that needs for output and productivity are overtaken by exigency at the expense of accuracy. Such instances breed island systems that are difficult to dismantle and most of the time has incompatible output format to other systems. To illustrate: an accounting systems that only display its output on the screen and not dump into a file is considered an island system that has an incompatible output with other reporting system. Making use of the output of an island system in order for it to be usable by other systems could require additional steps that could make the whole process cumbersome and may result to lost time if not inaccurate data. Enterprise Systems normally have a common repository of data that can be the primary source of reports and inputs to other systems. An example of these types of system is the Enterprise Resource Planning software that would include accounting modules, productivity monitoring modules and reporting packages. The reporting package for its part makes use of the common data created and updated by front end modules to create reports that would assist decision makers in making business decisions. Aside from the benefits described above another value that can be considered essential for large organization is the reduced cost of implementation and maintenance of an enterprise system since it is more cost effective. It should be noted that each island systems require several experts or skill set that would include operating system and systems administration expertise from where the island system is installed at or in, whereas an enterprise system would only require a single set of skills systems group (Maier, Hadrich, & Peinl, 2005). Considering that each island systems normally needs its own set of servers, whereas an enterprise solution will only require a single platform the cost of ownership is reduced drastically. The same is true if the infrastructure requirement of the island system includes its own user terminal which will result for each employee having several terminals on his or her desk or one terminal for every island systems. The cost of licensing island system is normally more expensive since the technology used is either proprietary or can only be used by software developed by the company that owns the licensing rights of the island system. Another value for the organization is the elimination of conversion or data scrubbing that will increase productivity for employees creating the reports. Since there will be little to no human intervention in the generation of reports including ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Enterprise Systems Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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