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Study case (Information Resources Management) - Essay Example

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Enterprise architecture is a master plan of designing and implantation of information communication and technology to solve present and future challenges. Its main aim is to enhance data sharing through cooperation between different enterprises. This reduces diversity thus…
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Study case (Information Resources Management)
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Introduction Enterprise architecture is a master plan of designing and implantation of information communication and technology to solve present and future challenges. Its main aim is to enhance data sharing through cooperation between different enterprises. This reduces diversity thus growth of the economy of Albert, through improving information investments.
Roles of Chief Information Officer
Role of Chief information officer to ensure successful linkage of information technology to business initiatives is to act as the linkage to the two sectors. With the knowledge of trends in information technology globally he is to share them with enterprise managers in Alberta to keep them updated with the latest technology. It will improve investment in the information technology sector which leads to improved production (Schwalbe, K. 2013).
Chief information officer also understands the business enterprises and the requirement by end users, with this it is his responsibility to ensure the information technology sector is able to meet this requirement. With this the Government of Alberta, through Government of Alberta Enterprise Architecture (GAEA) will be able to come up with a effective strategy, which is relevant and applicable in linking the information technology sector to enterprise initiatives.
Improvement of governance
Information technology management and governance in enterprise architecture should be a collective role. It is to bring about professionals from related fields from Canada. They bring together their skills and knowledge to solve the challenges in enterprises. There should have been increased information technology to business interaction in planning and increased degree of formal process implementation. This would have made the plan more realistic thus easy to implement.
There was to be equal representation of all stakeholders. In our case it is stand alone project us not having representation of the end users, the people of Alberta. There will be a gap of goods quality. The enterprise sector should be well represented to allow equality thus governance will be simple having no resistance from partners (Davenport, T. 2013).
Government’s capital planning and investment control
in our case to make Government of Alberta Enterprise Architecture (GAEA) a full government’s
capital planning and investment control, the government is first to investment awareness in the

information sector. With the growth in information technology sector, there will be a rise of
authority from the governance to control what is been invested into the sector.
The government will be will invest in information technology given that is is the center of
enterprise development. Another sector of investment will be chosen on priority basis. The
government is to control people to invest in those sectors through set rules and requirement.
After sometimes in the sectors, the government is to evaluate the sectors performance to
improve on the weakness and continue with the strong points. With this, the plan will act as a
capital planning and investment control to the government.( Chaffey et al, 2010)
Well-developed information system will yield to proper usage of information system in the establishment of enterprises. This will lead to growth of the economy of Canada. Proper governance of enterprise architecture in the planning of the system is a key success.

Schwalbe, K. (2013). Information technology project management. Cengage Learning.
Davenport, T. H. (2013). Process innovation: reengineering work through information technology. Harvard Business Press.
Chaffey, D., & White, G. (2010). Business information management: improving performance using information systems. Pearson Education. Read More
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