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Supervisory Behaviour: Photoproducts UK - Essay Example

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The following discussion seeks to answer such questions: What is the role of the Trades Union and what are the implications of a 75% unionized workforce? What are the implications of giving “more autonomy to employees” for both employers and employees?…
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Supervisory Behaviour: Photoproducts UK
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Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that Greenfields factory has a total of 350 employees among the 10,000 in other sites, 75% of them being unionized. Trade unions are mainly formed with the aim of looking after the interest of employees; in the workplace, both the employer and a trade union may engage in a collective agreement, which involves negotiations of the terms and conditions of employment for trade union members. Needless to say, negotiations include conducive working conditions, salary increase, and allowances among others. According to Directgov, the ability of trade unions to negotiate with employers about the issues that affect employees is a very important role. In addition, when the employer is willing to bargain with the trade union, this implies that the trade union is recognized. The implication of a 75% unionized workforce at Greenfields is that, employee empowerment is greater; these employees are in a position to demand for their welfare. The ability to exercise collective bargaining at Greenfields is possible due to the presence of a trade union. The trade union can represent fellow employees in demanding for better pay or better working conditions; as a result, the collective bargaining may lead to a collective agreement, which fosters change in the place of work. Moreover, 75% of unionized workers are a big number, which can affect the productivity of the company incase of disagreement between the trade union and the employers. Incase of a strike, the unionized members can mobilize the 25% un-unionized employees to engage in the strike, mainly because of their large quantity. As a result, the company’s image is greatly affected when the unionized employees are higher in number compared to the un-unionized employees, especially when strikes are involved. Another implication is capability of trade union to create opportunities for employees to voice their pleas; as a result, they raise awareness of a problem in the workplace. Subsequently, the employers are motivated to address the arising problems, hence avoiding clashing with the trade unions. Employment growth has also declined in the past, especially in companies with presence of unions; as a result, trade unions may have negative effects on employment growth (Joseph Rowntree foundation, 2001, p.2). In addition, Greenfields’ trade union can contribute to pay rise of the employees in this company, mainly because of the representation of employees’ interests to the management; however, trade unions do not guarantee changes. Having a 75% of unionized workforce means higher degree of employee empowerment. Needless to say, the influence of the unionized members on the company is high. As a result, the Greenfields employer is forced to recognize the union and enter into collective bargaining, with an aim of avoiding negative repercussions such as, tarnishing the company’s image. According to Kestar and Britwum (2007, p.227), trade unions can sometimes fail to address the needs of the represented group; also, the type of trade union representatives selected may influence the ability of the trade union to perform. Therefore, for a trade union to be effective, the union representatives must emphasize on solidarity and democracy. Q2: How is communication achieved, and how could it be more effective? It is evident that communication in Greenfields is considered as a tool that maintains good relationships in business; nevertheless, communication is verbal but it is not effective, especially between production supervisors and shift engineers. In addition, the shop stewards try to avoid the supervisors once called upon to solve a problem. It is evident that communication at Greenfield is neither adequate nor effective. However, the training sections conducted at the factory, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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