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Building of professional competence - Essay Example

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This research is being carried out to evaluate and present several key factors in building professional competence. The researcher states that more than often, the idea of building professional competence is gradual, as individuals undertake several duties…
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Building of professional competence
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Extract of sample "Building of professional competence"

Download file to see previous pages According to the research findings it can therefore be said that communication remains one of the vital elements to every professional in conducting his daily activities. Communication needs to be very effective in businesses in order to create a mutual exchange of understanding between the conveyer of the information and the readers. Business communication ensures that there is constant flow of information. More than often, communication plays an important role in giving information to the interested parties of an organisation including employees and shareholders notwithstanding the general public. In the presentation on Harrods holdings, effective communication was made to various parties. This comprised of the customers who were served in Harrod holdings and investors who were the key shareholders in the company. With regards to the customers the report gives information based on the location of Harrod holdings within its business actual position in the market. In addition, the company’s managers give a convenient highlight on the presence of other boutiques that Harrod holdings have around other parts of the world. The report given based on Harrod holdings also shows the owners of the company thus, giving the public the image of the company. year that it was founded as well as the year and place of incorporation; this shows the depthness and clarity of giving information. Through the report we have learnt on the significance of improving our interpersonal communication skills. Working with others In coming up with a report on Harrods holdings the staff worked together in groups to manage the company’s sales portfolio. In this group every individual exhibited a high level of corporation as it is highlighted by the high volumes of sales. Working in a team combines the skills and the creativity of a diverse number of individuals in the group. Teamwork is the key to the success of every team. During our reporting on Harrod holdings we devised a team process, roles and behaviours. In managing a team all members occupational obligations are supposed to be considered, thus, working out the time into each member busy schedules remains important in working as a group. In the meeting, determination of members strength and weaknesses assisted greatly in task allocation. We owe the success in our team to our abilities to compliment each other and distribute tasks accordingly. In the team we had cohesiveness and productivity given that our final common goal was set. Improving own learning performance More than often, individuals set out standards that are geared on improving the learning performance. As a result, the study on Harrod Holdings was able to set out standards based on key skill that we identified over time within the activities carried by employees. These skills have assisted the company in developing themselves as independent learners from within the group members especially, as the employees focused on achieving the goal of giving an increased sales production to Harrod Holdings. This is relevant in the presence of process skills that focus on target-setting through effective planning. Later on, we focused on process skill advanced to learning of new techniques ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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