Business Process Management at Pizza Hut - Coursework Example

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A lot many of us may know what Pizza Hut is and what it offers in the market, but a very few may understand how it operates in the market place and what distinguishes it from the rest of the competition. …
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Business Process Management at Pizza Hut
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Download file to see previous pages In this report the core focus will be the business operations of Pizza Hut that makes it a renowned and established brand in the Market. The linkage of different business operations over one another and how Pizza Hut maintains consistency in its operations in all the regions of the world where it operates, will also be highlighted.
Pizza Hut, Background
Pizza Hut originates from the largest economy in the world, United States of America. It is a multination restaurant franchise that offers its customers with a varied range of pizzas as the primary offering. Over the period of time the Pizza Hut Menu has been revitalized bearing in mind the constantly rising needs and demands of the customers and the dynamics of the competition. In the contemporary market environment Pizza Hut offers its customers with sidelines such as chicken and Buffalo wings, garlic breads and salads in addition with to the primary product, pizza.
Pizza Hut came into existence in 1958 in America as the first ever national pizza chain and since then it has grown and developed as a major player in the fast food industry. Over the period of time Pizza Hut got a strong standing in the industry and today it has risen as a strong and challenging competitor to one of the largest food brands in the world such as KFC, Mc Donald’s, Indulge, Smart Chicks and Pizza Track. ...
Weekends, midnights and various other seasonalities were introduced by Pizza Hut to make sure that it caters to the needs of all kinds and types of customers in all parts of the world where it operates. This creative and unmatchable value proposition maintained by Pizza Hut has made it operational in more than 90 different countries in the world with thousands of outlets employing more than thirty thousand people (Pizza Hut, 2011). Organizational Structure The formal structure of an organization, the chain of command and delegation of authority are key principles that determine the success of any organization in the market place. Initially Pizza Hut was a co-inception of two brothers Franky and Dan in a small town located in Kansas. The project grew by leaps and bounds, and the business that was initiated with mere $600, now had hundreds of branches across the state and the country. In 1972, the company went public and was listed in the New York Stock Exchange. Pizza Hut was welcomed at the stock market as a blue chip investment with guaranteed returns to its stakeholders and share holders. The company is reported to have issued some 400,000 common equity shares to the investors in the general public. This investment boosted the cash inflows for the company and resulted in an unexpected situation for the management. Pizza Hut instead of growing at a stable and sustainable rate, started to inflate. Some landmarks such as achieving million dollar sales in the US alone and opening of outlets in Munich and Sydney in the very same year. This extraordinary pace of growth and development would have been seen as signs of prosperity and success by the shareholders but the management looked ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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