Innovation of Hilti Group - Case Study Example

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This research presents the organisation’s need for innovation, general imperatives in industrial sector; change in general imperatives in the last decade, innovation imperatives facing the organisation, organisation’s current level of innovation, comparison with other innovative organizations…
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Innovation of Hilti Group
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Download file to see previous pages This danger in the workplace has been under focus in the same manner for large construction companies as for small construction companies (Hung et al., 2011) within the Australian context. One major danger from using power tools is the ability to lose control of the power tool causing physical damage to the operator as well as other workers or people in the surrounding. This kind of short term damage is augmented by long term damage that can occur from the extended use of power tools due to vibration and use. The workers who use power tools are in constant danger of developing physical disorders due to excessive vibration (Edwards & Holt, 2010) as well as losing their sense of hearing. 2.3. Innovation Imperatives facing the Organisation On the one hand manufacturers like Hilti have to come around with innovative solutions to deal with health and safety concerns posed in the workplace. On the other hand the range of global operations means that Hilti has to produce solutions that are technically acceptable and open to translation in various corners of the globe. Operating a large business in 120 countries around the world means that Hilti has to deal with a number of differing technical specifications on safety concerns, materials that are allowable for use, range of operating parameters such as voltage levels etc. Overall this indicates that Hilti has a two pronged innovation concern – one that bases itself solely on the issue of safety in the workplace and the other that concerns itself wholly with the issue of conformance to various international standards on safety and manufacturing. 2.4. Organisation’s Current Level of Innovation Hilti has carved a...
The firm that is analyzed in the paper is the Hilti Group also known as Hilti AG, an end manufacturer, developer and marketeer of construction and building maintenance tools with the primary focus of production being professional end users. The company has a diverse product portfolio that includes tools for mining, measurement, cordless tools, screw fastening systems, drilling and demolition systems, diamond systems, cutting and grinding systems, direct fastening systems, anchor systems, firestop systems and construction chemicals. Although Hilti manufactures and sells a huge array of products but the company’s main focus areas are hammer drills, firestops and installation systems. Hilti is based in Schaan, Liechtenstein but has manufacturing facilities, retail outlets and marketing offices around the world. Overall the company employs more than 20,000 people worldwide. Historically the company was founded by Martin Hilti and Eugen Hilti in 1941 when they opened a workshop in Schaan, the capital of Liechtenstein. The company expanded its operations to Italy between 1948 and 1960 representing the company’s first foreign venture. Since that point in time the Hilti brand name has come to assume manufacturing, marketing and after sales support in over 120 countries worldwide. In terms of the ownership, the Hilti Family Trust owns all of Hilti’s registered shares as of 2003. Hilti has carved a reputation for itself for being a repeat innovator when it comes to the world of power tools and allied accessories. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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