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A strategy for managing change process - Essay Example

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The project presents a strategy for managing change process and possibilities of encountering employee resistances and opposition in the organization. This is followed by the presentation of the steps in human resource planning in the organization. …
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A strategy for managing change process
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Download file to see previous pages This study looks into organizational culture as the experience which the hotel is supposed to bring to its customers. However, this is largely reflected through the behaviour of the associates of the hotel towards them. Therefore it is important that the present must try to build a strong culture along with insuring its core values such that it serves to contribute towards the continuous growth of the organization and accounts for the satisfaction of employees too. The first step towards a strong culture would be to establish core values of the organization. The hotel must seem to build core values which aims to provide the best services to customers, associates and the community at large. The basic culture is to provide the company associates with the maximum opportunities as well as providing superior quality of services towards customers. The next step towards initiating the change would be to attain the participation and involvement of company executives in the change process. Executives and employees in the organization must show their active participation in the change process and just in words. For example, in this case since a continuous change in behaviour towards customers is called for. Thus leaders must actually show their behavioural change in order to act as examples for remaining employees on their conduct with customers of the hotel. The management must practice effective communication. It is important that all employees in the organization are informed about the specific changes in order to make the process successful. This would necessarily ensure their commitment and success. Every employee must be told what exactly is expected of them. The organizational structure might also require changes. This would include changing the job description, roles and responsibilities for each employee and redesigning the same in order to bring about changes in their performance levels. Performance targets could be reset for each employee to bring about sufficient changes in the overall productivity and performance level of the organization. This must also be coupled with the reviewing and redesigning of approaches towards rewards structures and recognition. It is very crucial to change the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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