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Flex time initiative Name Initiative Many people usually dream of having good jobs, but eventually, realize the jobs are so involving till their personal lives are interfered. In the past, we have heard of men and women who had important jobs being divorced because of avoiding family responsibility…
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Flex Time Initiative
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Download file to see previous pages Some professions like doctors and lawyers spend a lot of their time in their work and sometimes their social life or marriage life might be interfered. Looking from both angles, one is required to perform at both places, and failure to do so always leads to great repercussions. A person who concentrates more in his or her workplace than his or her home, sometimes have familial issue. A person who concentrates more on his family than on his or her job often have job problem. Hence finding a way to balance between the two components is vital in maintaining these two places in harmony (Ralston, 2006). In modern life, it is quite challenging to achieve a balanced professional and personal life. Times are really changing and people are trying to squeeze time to do other stuffs (Ralston, 2006). Some people do have passions they would like to achieve, studies they would like to pursue, secret affairs they would like to establish, management between personal life and work life can be essential. A person who draws a line between these two places and manages them well is a happy person since he or she is able to experience the thrill of all places at the right time and place. One way of one achieving such balance between work life and personal life is by achieving flexibility. This is a concept where one plans on how to be flexible between the two areas. One way one can accomplish this in busy situation is by job sharing. Flexibility is usually an added advantage to a person in terms of establishing a balance between job life and personal life. A person whose work is more involving till he does not get time to go home, can arrange with his or her co worker to carry some of his or her on agreed dates. One would also do the same for them in other times (Shallenbarger, 2010). Flex time, a concept that implies having flexible work arrangements can also be beneficial to some people in balancing between person al life and job work. Flex time could be represented by letting workers work where they would want to work. This practice is becoming more popular in many institutions like the legal departments and law firms (Ralston, 2006). This flex time initiative, also allows workers who work full-time to enjoy some time off at certain times of the year. The notion of flex time could include hours, workdays, weekends, holidays and other work arrangements. In this case, one is given some time outside the normal work place to straighten to establish a rapport with his or her personal life. In some jobs, people tend to work until they lose their head, but with flex times, at least one is relieved of his or her duties on some days. By so doing, flex time helps workers meet the demands of their personal lives (Ralston, 2006). As an initiative established in high risk or involving jobs, flex time is an initiative that relieves someone of work stress and increasing productivity by establishing a balance between personal life and work place. According to studies carried out on the relationship between working at work place and personal life, researchers found out that the two are related. When a person has work problems, he or she has a tendency of extending it into his or her personal life, the same when he or she has a problem in his or her personal life. Hence maintaining a balance between the two aspects is healthy in providing a good working environment (Lee, 2010). Another flex time initiat ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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