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Into the wild chapter question - Coursework Example

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Throughout the book the main character of Alex shows us how determined he is. This can be reflected by the following quote. “A little later Alex pulled out his crude map and pointed to a dashed red line that…
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Into the wild chapter question
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Into the Wild Information of teacher number Into the Wild The adjectives I have chosen are adventurous and determined. Throughout the book the main character of Alex shows us how determined he is. This can be reflected by the following quote. “A little later Alex pulled out his crude map and pointed to a dashed red line that intersected the road near the coal mining town of Healy. It represented a route called the Stampede Trail. Seldom traveled it isn’t even marked on most road maps to Alaska.” This quote depicts how adventurous Alex was (Krakauer, 1999).
Alex was also a determined person. At one instance in the story Gallien tries to talk Alex out of going into the Alaska Bush, but he would not change his mind. “He was determined. Rea gung ho. The word that comes to mind is excited. He couldn’t wait to head out there and get started.” Alex was raring and determined to go (Krakauer, 1999).
As soon as Alex’s education finishes he graduates from college. After that he leaves. Post his education his parents give Alex the liberty to do whatever he wants to do. But Alex was sick and tired of being told always what to do and how to it by his parents. He was also fed up of the materialistic life he had been living hence he decides to initiate his epic journey. I agree with Alex’s decision to flee to some extent. I agree that after college we mature in some sense and have a sense of freedom too. I also agree with Alex taking some off time to travel but I don’t agree with him breaking all communication with his parents.
Krakauer, Jon, and Philip Franklin. Into the Wild. New York: Random House Audio, 1999. Sound recording. Read More
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