Employee participation in business organizations: Does employee participation enhance job satisfaction and motivation in employees - Dissertation Example

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Motivating employees at the work place has remained an important and continuing subject for researchers and managers for more than a century. This is because employee motivation is the key factor for high performance in business organizations…
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Employee participation in business organizations: Does employee participation enhance job satisfaction and motivation in employees
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Download file to see previous pages Scope and Importance of the Study : 10 Chapter – 2 Literature Review 2.1. Introduction : 11 2.2. Emergence of the Concept of Job Satisfaction : 12 2.3. Job Satisfaction : 13 2.4. Theories of Job Satisfaction : 16 2.4.1. Job Characteristic Model : 16 2.4.2. Value – Percept Theory : 18 2.4.3. Cornell Integrative Model : 20 2.5. Employee Participation : 20 2.6. Influence of Employee Participation on Job Satisfaction : 23 2.7. Employee Participation in the Chosen Organizations : 25 2.8. Conclusion : 26 Chapter – 3 Methodology 3.1. Introduction : 27 3.2. Research Philosophy : 29 3.3. Inductive and Deductive Framework : 30 3.4. Variables in the Study : 32 3.5. Sampling and Sample Size : 32 3.6. Data Collection : 34 3.6.1. Secondary Research : 34 3.6.2. Primary Research : 36 3.6.3. Applying the Questionnaire : 40 Chapter – 4 Data Presentation and Analysis 4.1. Description and Setting of the Study : 41 4.2. Data Analysis : 42 4.3. Presentation and Analysis : 42 Chapter – 5 Results and Discussion 5.1. Results : 47 5.2. Discussion : 49 5.3. Limitations of the Study : 52 Chapter – 6 Conclusions and Recommendations for Future Work 6.1. Conclusion : 53 6.2. Recommendations : 53 6.3. Future Work : 54 Chapter – 7 Personal Development 7.1. Personal Development : 55 List of Appendices, Figures and Tables, Appendices Annexure – I Specimen of Request Letter for Cooperation : 60 Annexure – II Specimen Questionnaire : Annexure – III Presentation of data from Questionnaire : Figures Figure – 1 Hackman and Oldham’s Job Characteristics Model : 17 Figure – 2 Value-Percept Formula : 19 Tables Table – 1 Aspects of a Study : 28 Table – 2 Deductive Model for Quantitative Studies : 31 Table – 3 Classifications of Types of Interviews : 37 Table – 4 Employee...
Motivational studies probe into the reasons for employee behaviours. Employee motivation is a complex subject and so the answers have not been easy to find. Consequently one pathway in employee motivational studies has pertained to the relationship between employee behaviour and personal traits, while another pathway has been in the direction of the situational interaction between the individual and the work circumstances. From all this arises an understanding that response to the environment by employees is not in a passive manner, as they seek to meet their self objectives from the situations present at their work place (Rai, 2004). This has given rise to many motivational theories founded in the concept that there are intrinsic needs in employees and they also acquire additional needs, and so are motivated in organizations, where they find the work and environment conducive to satisfying these needs and achieving their personal and professional ambitions (O'Meara, 2011).
Job satisfaction pertains to the attitude of employees that are derived from their experiences in the job they undertake in the organization. The higher the positive experiences an employee experiences in the job, the greater is the satisfaction derived in the performance of the job, An employee thus tends to be more productive, when there is the experience of job satisfaction. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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