A critical evaluation of HRM and Organisational Behaviour theories and frameworks and link with performance - Essay Example

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The key task of the human resources management (HRM) is to deal with numerous approaches in order to manage the people of the organisation.The approach is practical and there is greater tendency to change towards an informal individualistic direction…
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A critical evaluation of HRM and Organisational Behaviour theories and frameworks and link with performance
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Download file to see previous pages The approach is practical and there is greater tendency to change towards an informal individualistic direction (Salaman & Et. Al., 2005). In the international context, HRM issues are quite prominent and therefore an in-depth understanding of such issues is quite significant. Various theories and frameworks of HRM are present which can be applicable for managing the people working in the international arena (Lucas & Et. Al., 2007). Best Practice HRM is considered as the notion that human resource practice tends to work in an effective way if they are introduced in correlated and equally reinforcing bundles (Redman & Wilkinson, 2009). The literatures on human resource management suggest that the policies and the procedures related to the functions of human resource must be coordinated with the business strategy (Rollinson & Et. Al., 1998). On the other hand, the term ‘organisational behaviour’ (OB) implies the study and the application of knowledge regarding how the ‘individuals’, ‘people’ and ‘groups’ behave in the organisation....
Changing Landscape of HRM and Organisational Behaviour It has been mentioned by Jamrog and Overholt in their study that since last 100 years there has been continuous shift in the role of the human resource professionals and there has been addition of more responsibilities in the work of these professionals. According to the research of the authors, there has been major shifts in the functions of HR and it has developed through numerous stages starting from medieval time to industrial revolutions, from scientific management to human relations movements and finally to current strategic business partner model. In the ancient times, the HR has mainly tried to focus its attention towards the administrative facets of the human resource management. However, in the recent times, the strident call forced the HRM to become a strategic business partner. It is quite significant to comprehend the differences between the Human Resource Management (HRM) and the Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM). When the traditional HRM is taken into consideration, it is noted that traditional HRM is generally transactional in nature and aims at providing administrative support to the people working in the organisation in terms of staffing, compensation, recruitment and benefits. It has been paradigm change from the administrative facets of the human resource management that has led to the development of SHRM. In SHRM, a new set of value added roles and responsibilities have been inculcated to functions of the HRM. The prime importance of the SHRM is that of the strategic business partner. It is the SHRM that helps the companies to achieve competitive advantage and therefore assist the business managers to plan ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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