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One might ask, “How does one eat an elephant?” The answer is simple: piece by piece. Completing this self-projection clarity project has helped me move towards bigger and better things in my future. Completing the RBS (Reflective Best Self Exercise) has helped me learn and grown as a person…
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Self-Projection Project
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Download file to see previous pages This has helped me explore a deeper side of myself that I never knew was possible. It has helped me see how others view myself, and that is one of the most valuable lessons that I take away from this. I tend to think that I know myself well. I have a very good sense of self. I know what I am good at and what needs improvement. I am constantly making self-improvements. To a certain extent, I really motivate others, and it has been shown through the interviews that I have garnered from friends, family, and colleagues, that I excel in almost anything I do. I guess one might say that I am a very high-strung (at times) individual, but that I make sure to keep all of my commitments. I have several hard and soft skills which I feel will serve me well in the future. One of my best assets is my leadership. I have good leadership skills which set me apart from the crowd. I also have amazing public speaking skills and can dazzle a crowd with my linguistic stylings. Really, it depends upon the particular audience, but I know how to adapt myself to almost any setting and it shows. I am somewhat of an extroverted person; I enjoy making new friends and acquaintances, and am somewhat of a socially motivated person in that sense. I don’t pull any punches and am very honest with people about what I expect of them and how I expect to be treated in return. Another great feature I like about myself is that I have been able to use my outgoing nature to win friends, make money, and influence people. Meeting new people and seeing the world is part of what makes me who I am today. I have a real zest for life and believe you shouldn’t take life for granted. So, I eat life for breakfast, and I don’t mean the cereal! (Lol.) It is totally possible to learn something new from anyone that I meet and therefore, in business as well as in my leisure time, I always make sure to develop a solid list of contacts and social networks, since social networking is the wave of the future. I know that I can count on my friends and family to be there for me when things get difficult. Something else about me is that I am a very positive person. This has served me well in the past, as I definitely believe in karma and the phrase, “What goes around comes back around” (Janin, 2004, pp. 152). Like Anne Frank, I believe in the general goodness inherent in people. Everyone should be able to help everyone else out. Currently, one of the books I am reading is very inspiring. It’s called Viktor Frankl’s book Man’s Search for Meaning. It talked about how Frankl survived Auschwitz, one of the worst concentration camps, by using logotherapy—also known as talk therapy. Frankl talks about the importance of prisoners to maintain their human dignity in the face of conditions that were worse than inhumane. I am the sort of person who likes solving problems, yet at the same time, I don’t have patience for things like crossword puzzles and so forth. I enjoy challenges, but sometimes I admit I can be a bit intellectually lazy, not fully taxing my mental capacities to their hilt because I am reserving brainpower for truly important and difficult tasks. I don’t like to use my energy unnecessarily; therefore, I keep a very tight rein on my time and how I control it. I always make sure that I know who I am going to be spending time with and what I should do to manage this time. My ability to tackle challenges, combined with the fact that I am a positive person, helps me to avoid bad situations and difficult people. This is part of what breeds success in my life and in my living environment. About me, I am definitely a team player, which has always been a strength of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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