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The current paper presents the details of the research, how the study has been conducted, the sources that have been considered as well as the results and analysis finally concluding to a measure and recommendations. …
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Performance Appraisal and Employee Performance
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Download file to see previous pages 53 List of Figures and Appendices Figure 1: Preference of companies for different performance appraisal measures…….. 32 Figure 2: Satisfaction levels of employee on different measures………………………. 32 Figure 3: Factors influencing motivation of employees………………………………... 34 Figure 4: Alternative measures in influencing employee performance………………… 35 Appendix 1: The Gantt Chart………………………………………………………….... 46 Appendix 2: Questionnaire……………………………………………………………… 47 I. Executive Summary Organizations in the modern times are all the more improving and adopting new measures towards their performances. Performance management has always been an integral part of every organization dealing with the employee performance study and determining ways to improve the employee performances. The current study deals with an understanding of the capability of a performance appraisal system in influencing the employee performance within an organization. The focus of the study has been to understand whether there is a need to incorporate alternative measures within organizations to effectively influence organizational employees. The study has taken both primary and secondary sources as its study materials. While the secondary sources based on the previous researches conducted on the concerned topic, the primary sources were based on the interviews and survey responses conducted on some of the companies in London, the participants being the organizational members and managers. The complete study has clearly reflected the fact that although performance appraisal systems are doing well and are quite significant in...
From this dissertation it is clear that employees are an organization’s most important assets. Their satisfaction, good performance, positive attitude, creativity, adaptability etc. are very important for the growth of any organization. Human Capital in an organization does not refer simply to the people working for an organization. It can be seen in terms of the total collective worth of the capabilities, skill-sets, prior-experiences, knowledge and motivation present in an organizational workforce. Human capital is of supreme importance in organizations mainly because of the huge cost that is incurred on them and also because of the fact that if properly guided, human capital has the power to take an organization to a much higher level. Going by the huge amount of literature available on this topic, it can be said that the idea of monitoring and guiding the performance of both, an individual and the organization as a whole, is not a new concept. The origin of performance management can be traced back to the period of First World War when the assessment used to have the personality of the individual as the criteria of assessment. During the 1960s, the appraisal practice shifted its focus towards the setting of organizational goals and assessing an individual on the basis of performance related competencies and not personality. The late years of 1980 and the whole of 1990 witnessed the organizations undergoing a lot of quick change. During this period, the appraisal system had become the core process of managing the workforce and the organization as a whole. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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