Enhancing the Quality of Services and Processes through Strategic Management - Essay Example

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This research is being carried out to evaluate and present Enhancing the Quality of Services and Processes through Strategic Management and Enhancing the Supply Chain. Strategic management is important in maintaining competence in terms of healthcare provision. …
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Enhancing the Quality of Services and Processes through Strategic Management
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Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that the contemporary hospital presents a complex inter-relationship of responsibilities in addition to objectives that need to be balanced to enhance service delivery. Hospital executives constantly focus on internal aspects such as recruitment, acquisition of facilities and equipments as well as provision of healthcare to patients. The Arnold Palmer Hospital is evocative of a scenario whereby top management mainly focuses on patient satisfaction as an end in itself. Patients can be awarded valuable gifts of up to $200 by the hospital employees in case they complain reasonably. As much as it is necessary to apply a patient focused approach to management of the hospital, it is also necessary to take in to consideration the external factors that influence the strategic position as well as the day to day operations of the facility. The hospital managers need to focus on satisfying the needs of employees, patients and other stakeholders who represent diverse interests. Strategic management involves designing, implementing and evaluating managerial decisions so as to be able to accomplish an organization’s long term objectives. It also involves systematic analysis and evaluation of internal and external factors so as to be able to make decisions for the future of the organization. Liebeskind views strategic management as a process whereby managers decide on the mission, vision and objectives which they would like to be achieved over a specified time limit. They develop policies and plans to be followed by employees so as to achieve the mission and objectives. After developing plans, they provide resources that facilitate the implementation of policies and after a specified time, they evaluate whether the goals have been accomplished. Mission statements help managers to set the company direction (Collis & Montgomery 2001). Various theories have been put forward by scholars regarding what strategic management entails. Mintzberg’s theory helps managers to interpret the process of strategic planning and be able to plan even when internal or external factors influence the accomplishment of daily activities. Arnold Palmer Hospital’s management can accomplish its strategic objectives if Mintzberg’s approach is adopted (Mintzberg, 1990). The management of this hospital needs to design, plan and position the hospitals operations in consideration of the future. The designing process according to Mintzberg involves with strategy development whereby the management evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of the institution against the opportunities and threats which are among the external factors affecting its efficiency. Based on the result, the management is able to formulate a strategy which addresses the shortcomings while trying to maintain equilibrium between the external factors and organizational performance. The organizational strategy needs to be understood and implemented by all staff members while on the other hand. Flexibility in strategy is important to ensure that the organization maintains competitiveness in the constantly changing operating environment (Mintzberg, 1990). Planning involves formulating a strategy with a time line, goals and objectives, which are stated and formulated to help achieve the organizational objectives. A plan will provide the hospital’s management with direction through clearly stated objectives. Planning is a continuous process as variables keep changing hence the need for management to be ready for changes throughout the organization’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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