Installation of CCTV in McDonalds Fast Food Chains in UK - Essay Example

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A careful planning before starting a project is essential part of having a successful project management. To ensure the success of this project, the project manager of Dallmeier should be familiar with the use of project management tools like a SMART metric, power and influence graph, risk exposure, activity network, three-point estimate, and project cash flow…
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Installation of CCTV in McDonalds Fast Food Chains in UK
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Download file to see previous pages Having established more than 30,000 fast food restaurants all over 121 countries around the world (BBC News, 2001), McDonald’s is considered as one of the largest global foodservice retailers today. Since the era of globalization, there are quite a lot of McDonald’s restaurants all over the world that operates 24/7. For this reason, McDonald’s restaurant has become one of the common places wherein criminal activities can take place.
Serving almost 50 million customers each day, Andy Lane – McDonald’s region security manager created the urgency for the need to invest on the installation of closed circuit television system (CCTV) in each of the company-owned restaurants (Dallmeier, 2009). Right after convincing the top management that the use of digital video recorders could effectively protect their staff and customers from becoming a victim of crime, Dallmeier was again awarded the contract to install digital CCTV specifically within the southern regions of the United Kingdom. (Sims, 2008). Making it known to the public that McDonald’s is using a digital CCTV that are directed straight to nearby police stations could somehow make people think twice before committing a crime. As of 2011, McDonald’s managed to establish approximately 1,000 fast food restaurant outlets throughout the northern, central, and southern regions of the United Kingdom (Fujitsu, 2011; Sims, 2008). As reported by Sims (2008), approximately 400 McDonald’s restaurants were established in the southern region. Specifically the business relationship between Dallmeier and McDonalds was established way back in 1999. Back then, Dallmeier was able to win the contract for the installation of analogue products in each of McDonalds’ restaurants in southern area (Sims, 2008). Basically, the shift from the use of analogue products to digital products such as digital CCTV was necessary to allow McDonalds gather some digital images which can be use for legal purposes. The study of project management strongly suggests the idea that having a clear planning process could empower the project managers to effectively manage and implement a successful project plan. Considering the importance of installing digital CCTV in each of McDonald’s fast food store outlet throughout the southern part of the United Kingdom, this report will tackle in details rationale behind the need on the part of Dallmeier’s project manager to make use of a SMART metric, power and influence graph, risk exposure, activity network, three-point estimate, and project cash flow over the success of installing CCTV to approximately 400 fast food restaurants in the southern part of the UK market. A SMART Matrix The acronym SMART in a SMART goal matrix means that the project manager of Dallmeier should be able to come up with a project plan that is specific, has a measurable time table or schedule, is very much attainable, realistic and relevant to the installation of digital CCTV, and is within the proposed time bound (Kerzner, 2009: 296). In other words, given that the project manager of Dallmeier would come up with a non-specific and unrealistic project plan, the team members that is being headed by the Dallmeier’s project manager may end up being confused about what they really need to complete within a given project schedule. Coming up with a non-effective project plan may lead to a long-list of installation errors. As a result, there is a huge possibility wherein the cost of installing digital CCTV throughout the 400 McDonalds restaurant outlets throughout the southern part of UK may increase. This is probably due to a lot of unnecessary expenses which includes the installation of a wrong model of digital CCTV in a wrong spot. When this happen, the company may end up spending extra not only for the salary or wages of the team ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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